15.02.2015 - 17:59   
DPR defence ministry: situation in Donetsk Republic quiet, truce is observed generally | Русская весна

Earlier on Sunday, speaker of the General Staff Vladislav Seleznev said firing at positions of the Ukrainian military has not been registered since 3 a.m

15.02.2015 - 11:48   
Right Sector leader Dmitry Yarosh to create parallel Armed Forces of Ukraine | Русская весна

Failed state reality - two nazi armies. What comes next? Two separate governments?

11.02.2015 - 14:34   
Ukrainian PM's daughter singning while Donetsk being severely shelled (VIDEO) | Русская весна

The new reality of post-maidan Ukraine

11.02.2015 - 5:41   
Donetska Republic militia have information Kiev is preparing attack on Donetsk  | Русская весна

Donetsk - torn by war - but awaits more fire

11.02.2015 - 5:34   
Minsk talks: heavy troops withdrawal, ceasefire regime | Русская весна

Participants discuss Donbass state structure

11.02.2015 - 5:17   
Ukrainian shell hits social canteen in Pervomaisk (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Dramatic video ending up in a shelter - journalists hide from the shelling with local civilians

10.02.2015 - 11:56   
Ukraine’s currency just collapsed 50 percent in two days | Русская весна

Ukraine, to use a technical term, is broke. That's what you call a country whose currency has lost half its value in just two daysThe problem is simple: Ukraine has no money and barely any economy. It's already talking to the IMF

10.02.2015 - 11:41   
Ukraine forces take payment to evacuate civilians — eastern region human rights chief | Русская весна

According to Donetsk Republic's commissioner for human rights, the Ukrainian side did not hesitate to collect payments for transporting civilians from Debaltsevo to Slavyansk by bus

10.02.2015 - 10:35   
CNN calls Ukrainian army warring in Donbass ‘pro-US troops’ | Русская весна

The ticker line saying "Obama considers arming pro-US troops" was kept on the screen for several minutes during a newscast devoted to Obama’s meeting with German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel

10.02.2015 - 10:18   
Nearly 27,000 Ukrainian refugees stay at Russian temporary accommodation facilities | Русская весна

The Ukrainian refugees, whose number has been practically unchanged compared with the previous week, are being provided with food and medical care, as well as information services

09.02.2015 - 4:52   
The war on women (VIDEO) | Русская весна

A heart-breaking interview of a wounded woman whose house was destroyed by Ukrainian shell

09.02.2015 - 3:55   
German intel reveals real number of casualties in Ukrainian conflict | Русская весна

The German intelligence service estimates the real losses in the Ukrainian civil war at 50,000 dead (civilians and servicemen), which is nearly 10 times higher than reported by the Kiev authorities, German media report.

09.02.2015 - 3:48   
BREAKING: Donetsk witnessed massive explosion, supposedly ballistic "Tochka U" missile (VIDEOS) | Русская весна

Residents of all Donetsk districts report explosive blast effects

09.02.2015 - 3:17   
Russian Foreign Ministry: Kiev could not provide copies of Russian documents showed by Poroshenko | Русская весна

Poroshenko has already demonstrated «proofs» of Russian military involvement in Ukrainain conflict: in Davos he showed a piece of perforated yellow metall.

08.02.2015 - 19:48   
Russian aid convoy arrives at Russia’s state border, Emergencies Ministry says | Русская весна

The relief cargo is going through the customs at the Donetsk and Matveyev Kurgan border crossing posts

08.02.2015 - 19:18   
'Political comedy': Poroshenko's ‘Russian army evidence’ raises eyebrows (VIDEO) | Русская весна

President Poroshenko’s PR advisers are helping him turn speeches into a kind of performance art. It's time for Willy Wonka to sack his PR team.

06.02.2015 - 14:23   
Ukrainian nazis travel around in medical transport equipped for urban combats | Русская весна

Ukrainian nazis use medical vehicles to move around the cities

06.02.2015 - 5:52   
After the Storm: Donetsk Airport (VIDEO) | Русская весна

A very prominent video telling how and why Donetsk airport was destroyed.

06.02.2015 - 5:23   
McCain: Ukrainian army deployed cassette shells due to America's fault | Русская весна

Ukrainian troops could only do not apply cassette shells, if the US provided them with the necessary weapons, said U.S. Senator John Sidney McCain at a press conference.

05.02.2015 - 10:55   
BREAKING: phosphorous ammunition deployed in Donetsk (VIDEO) | Русская весна

The locals spotted bright hovering flashes in the sky over the city

04.02.2015 - 14:54   
Donetsk opera house: tanks on the street but the show must go on | Русская весна

The city’s opera house remains open despite the dangers posed by the conflict between local militia and Ukrainian forces - by Shaun Walker, Guardian

04.02.2015 - 14:03   
CNN Better Late Than Never | Русская весна

Short review by Patrick Lancaster and A LOT OF VIDEOS from Donetsk airport

03.02.2015 - 18:02   
Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky first joint press-conference – 10 key points | Русская весна

A prominent summary by Graham Phillips, british journalist in Novorossia.

03.02.2015 - 16:45   
03.02.2015 Ukrainian crisis news & military report | Русская весна

Military situation report (map commented) and main news of Novorossia and Ukraine

03.02.2015 - 16:12   
US considers supplying arms to Ukraine — New York Times | Русская весна

After a series of striking reversals that Ukraine’s forces have suffered in recent weeks, the Obama administration is taking a fresh look at the question of military aid

03.02.2015 - 15:41   
7,000 people killed during Donbas conflict — DPR representative | Русская весна

"Overall, about 7,000 people have been killed over the period of hostilities. Some 80-90% are civilians," Denis Pushilin said

03.02.2015 - 13:45   
DPR, LPR plan no offensive and are ready to stop at existing disengagement line | Русская весна

"We are in favour of peace talks, we demand that Kiev sits down at the negotiating table," the DPR and LPR leaders, Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky, said in a joint statement

03.02.2015 - 13:40   
Doctors without borders coordinator speaking from Lugansk: people feel abandoned. | Русская весна

Wherever we go people ask us: “Where is everybody? Where are the journalists? Where is the international community? People are dying here every day.”

02.02.2015 - 15:17   
Who are the «Friends of Ukraine»? | Русская весна

On Jan. 11, 2015, the Ukrainian website «GordonUA» published a rousing article (in Russian) with the suggestive title of «The Best Friends. The Countries Offering Assistance to Ukraine in 2014." Let’s read that document carefully.

01.02.2015 - 18:25   
Kiev ‘punishes’ civilians in Donetsk with travel permits and drugs blockade | Русская весна

Ukrainians in disputed areas suffer as Kiev restricts access to food, electricity and medicines

31.01.2015 - 19:08   
30.01.2015 Ukrainian crisis news & military report | Русская весна

Ьain news of the day from Novorossian point of view and military maps commented by war correspondents

28.01.2015 - 18:45   
27.01.2015 Ukrainian crisis news & military report | Русская весна

Main highlights of the day and military situation report

27.01.2015 - 7:19   
26.01.2015 Ukrainian crisis news and military situation report (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Current situation on the frontline and main news of the day in our videoreview

26.01.2015 - 6:23   
Presumably US mercenary caught in Mariupol (VIDEOS) | Русская весна

"Out Of My Face Please" - Why Are US Soldiers In Mariupol?

24.01.2015 - 11:54   
23.01.2015 Ukrainian crisis news | Русская весна

Quick overview of the main news.

23.01.2015 - 13:56   
22.01.2015 Military Report of Novorossia | Русская весна

the overview of the latest military events from Novorossia.

23.01.2015 - 13:53   
22.01.2015 Ukrainian crisis news | Русская весна

Highlights of the day from Novorossian point of view.

22.01.2015 - 13:50   
21.01.2015 Novorossia Military Report | Русская весна

Latest war news from Donetsk and Lugansk Republics.

21.01.2015 - 8:13   
20.01.2015 Ukrainian crisis news (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Highlights of the day - a dynamic videoreport.

20.01.2015 - 8:59   
Central Hospital hit by Ukrainian shell in Donetsk (PHOTOS) | Русская весна

One wounded, six contused, patients are being evacuated.

20.01.2015 - 8:18   
Unemployment catastrophe awaiting Ukraine in 2015 | Русская весна

Over 5 million people to be left jobless.

20.01.2015 - 7:01   
President Poroshenko booed and whistled in Zurich (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Watch the video inside: woman cries "You killer!"

19.01.2015 - 16:32   
19.01.2015 Ukrainian crisis news (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Battlefield Peski, Poroshenko's victories, IAmVolnovakha hashtag-rally and other news from Novorossian point of view.

18.01.2015 - 12:18   
OSCE report: Militia has nothing to do with Volnovakha bus tragedy | Русская весна

The new video and explanatory photos inside.

18.01.2015 - 8:17   
Donetsk Airport finally taken over by Donetsk Republic militia (PHOTOS, VIDEO) | Русская весна

Absolutely epic video from inside of what's left of Donetsk airport inside.

18.01.2015 - 7:49   
16.01.2015 Ukrainian crisis news | Русская весна

Main highlights of the day from Novorossian point of view.

16.01.2015 - 16:56   
Heavy fire at Yuzhno-Ukrainskaya power plant | Русская весна

Heavy fire at Yuzhno-Ukrainskaya power plant. The fire could be seen even from the town. Ukrainian power plants fires are getting traditional.

16.01.2015 - 15:34   
City of Nikolayev: against Ukrainian fascism (PHOTO) | Русская весна

Nikolayev, the city in the South of Ukraine, is not so Ukrainian as Kiev would like it to be (MAP INSIDE)

16.01.2015 - 10:15   
OSCE inspected Novorossian radar locator (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Radar locator intended for firing positions scouting was inspected by OSCE.

15.01.2015 - 13:26   
Could Ukraine Bus Casualties Have Been Killed in a Mine Detonation? | Русская весна

What really happened there? The bus was hit at an Ukraine army control point which have been recently secured with mines.

15.01.2015 - 7:13   
14.01.2015 Ukrainian crisis news | Русская весна

Highlights of the day from Novorossian point of view.

15.01.2015 - 6:23   
Belief cleansing began on Donetsk Republic neighbouring territories | Русская весна

Nine detained on suspicion of Donetsk militia support (MAP INSIDE).

15.01.2015 - 5:51   
RF Foreign Ministry: After every accident in Donbass West does finger pointing at militia | Русская весна

RF Foreign Ministry Head Sergey Lavrov said that "some Russia's partners" follow the same scheme: after each accident in Donbass they point blaming finger at the militia forces or Russia.

14.01.2015 - 6:58   
Military situation report. Donetsk (VIDEO, PHOTOS 18+) | Русская весна

Large photo overview of the latest damages in Donetsk.

14.01.2015 - 6:20   
Mass murder by Kiev Nazis (PHOTOS, VIDEO 18+) | Русская весна

Passenger bus between Bugas and Volnovakha attacked by fire, 12 dead, 16 wounded.

14.01.2015 - 5:07   
Nazis eat Russian baby-shaped cake while real kids are being killed (VIDEO) | Русская весна

A dinner in Kiev. Kiev Nazis laughing and screaming while baby-shaped cake is being cut.

13.01.2015 - 18:36   
13.01.2015 Ukrainian crisis news | Русская весна

Quick overview of the day.

13.01.2015 - 7:15   
12.01.2015 Ukrainian crisis news | Русская весна

Main highlights of the last few days from Novorossian point of view.

13.01.2015 - 7:06   
Radical Ukrainism (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Is there any difference between radical Ukrainian nationalism and radical islamism of our days?