29.08.2014 - 1:17   
Where Parade of Hatred Actually Happened | Русская весна

Ahead of the procession the activists of the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists carried the portrait of Stepan Bandera who was the leader of Ukrainian Nazis while WWII. Behind them the protesters unfurled a banner "Independence is a struggle!" and a large national flag of Ukraine.

28.08.2014 - 16:02   
Donetsk Efficient Counter-Offensive | Русская весна

August, 24 the Prime Minister of the Donetsk People Republic who is the same time its troops Commander-in-Chief declared that Republican Army is no militia any more but regular army. He understressed that 1200 fightsmen trained in the territory of the Russian Federation had been back to Donbass and also said that Donetsk and Lughansk Republics had got a number of Ukrainian armaments and technique enough to counter-strike Kyev junta's forces.

28.08.2014 - 13:21   
Fighting for Donbass in the name of France: interview with the French volunteers who came to defend Novorossia (video) | Русская весна

The video interview with the French volunteers fighting for Donbass against the fascist junta of Kyev and its Western patrons.

28.08.2014 - 1:57   
Parade of War Prisoners in Donetsk Like It Was (photo and video) | Русская весна

Don't judge Donetsk strictly, if they are angry, when they are killed.

27.08.2014 - 2:32   
Lughansk receives Russian Humanitarian Aid under Ukrainian fire | Русская весна

First day, August, 25, people in Lughansk failed to receive humanitarian aid delivered from Russia because of Ukrainian fire from Veselaya Gora mound near the city. Russian journalists were among those who citizens who had found themselves under the shells of Kyev Fascists. 7 years old girl was heavily wounded on their eyes. She lost her leg.

24.08.2014 - 3:48   
"The Telegraph": Ukraine crisis: the neo-Nazi brigade fighting pro-Russian separatists | Русская весна

The fighters of the Azov battalion lined up in single file to say farewell to their fallen comrade. His pallid corpse lay under the sun in an open casket trimmed with blue velvet. Some of the men placed carnations by the body, others roses. Many struck their chests with a closed fist before touching their dead friend’s arm. One fighter had an SS tattoo on his neck.

23.08.2014 - 23:20   
Video of one from four ballistic missiles named Tochka-U fallen on civilians under lie of Kyev propaganda | Русская весна

On the evening of August, 22, Kyev junta forces launched ballistic missiles on locality in Rovenky, Luhansk people's Republic.

23.08.2014 - 23:00   
Russian Paratroopers Are Awarded For Peaceful Saving of Crimea | Русская весна

On the Day of Russian Federation State Flag Minister of Defense General of the Army Sergei Shoigu awarded by the order of Suvorov the 76th assault airborne Chernigov division, which is called "Guards" since the World War II.

23.08.2014 - 22:34   
Muslims Fighting for Donbass Against Fascism: Video | Русская весна

There is a number of Muslims among the rebel troops in Donbass region, including volunteers from Russia and some other countries.

23.08.2014 - 17:17   
Russian Humanitarian Convoy Safely Returned From Lughansk to Russia | Русская весна

"The Russian humanitarian convoy left the territory of Ukraine and is situated on the territory of the Russian Federation", - said the Deputy Director of the Department of information and press of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. She expressed surprise due to the fact that Washington does not have such information: "It's rather strange if such an Arsenal of technical means of surveillance which they have is useless."

23.08.2014 - 2:30   
52 Members of Special Police Battalion from Kyev Left Service After Were Said They Sent Them To War | Русская весна

After they were said that their unit would be sent to fight for Ilovaysk in the Donbass region 52 people from the special police battalion "Peacekeeper" in Kyev have written transfer or dismissal reports.

22.08.2014 - 23:58   
Mospino in fire: the shells of Fascists spare no home, no churches, no schools, no hospitals (video, photos) | Русская весна

Already for the second week residents of this Donetsk suburb (11 thousand people) spend almost of every day and night in their basements. Ukrainian government forces artillery and airplanes hit the town constantly. Citizens barely have time to count their losses. The number of shells, "fallen" for each of 70 square kilometers, is unbelievable.

22.08.2014 - 22:20   
DPR authorities refuse to confirm the fact of death of Andrei Stenin and Icorpus correspondents till receiving results of genetic expertise | Русская весна

Deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Donetsk People's Republic Nikolai Krushenko stated that the evidence that three bodies found in burned-out cars on the road between Snejnoe and Dmitrovka haven't been identified yet. So three journalists, including war photoreporter from Russia Today agency Andrei Stenin, are still officially considered to be missing.

22.08.2014 - 21:55   
Lughansk with joy and surprise encounters humanitarian aid from Russia | Русская весна

Residents of the city who used to hide in basements from Ukrainian troops' shelling, went out to to the streets to see the help from brotherly Russia.

22.08.2014 - 19:39   
Came To Help Brothers - One of Serb-Slovak Volunteers of Novorossian Army Is Captured By Nazis | Русская весна

August, 19, Kyev junta's Ministry of Interior official Anton Geraschenko reported that during fight for Ilovaysk town in Donetsk People's Republic some ethnic Serb, citizen of Slovakia, whose name is Miroslav Rohac, fell into hands of Ukrainian punitive forces. Rohac was said to be a mortar man in Novorossian militia. It turned out that earlier one of the Slovak Internet portals published a story of this volunteer who went to Donbass to fight for his Russian brothers.

22.08.2014 - 15:47   
Russian Humanitarian Convoy Starts Moving To Lughansk | Русская весна

100 trucks carrying Russian humanitarian aid enter Lughansk region despite of International Red Cross refusal to accompany the convoy because of unsafe conditions - warfare is still active on the root. Ukrainian troops didn't stop their fire. "We can't wait any more, there is no water, no food in Lughansk," - Russian officials say.

22.08.2014 - 14:31   
OSCE against "Aidar": internatonal mission discovers mutual facts of violence against civilians from the side of Kyev launched Fascist Battallions (video) | Русская весна

OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in the Ukraine reports that the head of the police in Starobilsk (100 km north of Lughansk) informed them of new abduction cases linked to the “Aidar” battalion. The interlocutor explained that the main problem facing police officers during investigations into these abductions, is that the victims mostly do not wish to press charges against the perpetrators, or give any information regarding the location of their detention. Instead of involving the police, victims chose to leave the village or even the country.

22.08.2014 - 4:22   
"For three weeks the Ukrainian army has lost half of its artillery, and its air force is practically gone," says a source in the Defense Ministry of Ukraine | Русская весна

"The offensive of our troops under the Donetsk and Lughansk has actually stopped. The calculation was about successful using of long-range artillery in order to clear the bridgehead for our troops to capture suburbs of Donetsk and Lughansk. But now you can say it failed"."For three weeks the Ukrainian army has lost half of its artillery, and its air force is practically gone," says a source in the Defense Ministry of Ukraine

22.08.2014 - 3:37   
Look at the Face of a Nazi | Русская весна

Those are photos of the Neo-Nazi recruits of the Ukrainian Military Police and Army who are sent to punish people of Donbass for their unwill to live under Fascists rule.

22.08.2014 - 2:57   
200 000 People Blocked in a Ghost City - Report From Lughansk (photos, video) | Русская весна

The correspondents of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" visited Lughansk and tell how lives the besieged city.

22.08.2014 - 1:52   
Ukrainian Fascists Shell Churches and Mosques (photo and video) | Русская весна

August, 21, one more Orthodox Christian Church was damaged by Ukrainian junta forces, now in Lughansk, which is one of the two capitals for free Novorossia. The same day Pro-Kyev (means Pro-Fascist) troops sent their shell on the Cathedral Mosque of Donetsk. The roof was pierced through.

22.08.2014 - 1:11   
Kyev Propaganda As They Lie: History of Stepanovka (photo and video) | Русская весна

Since 9 of August the Ukrainian media talk about the flowery village of Stepanovka with 1000 inhabitants, which was destroyed by "Russians' "Grad". This propaganda wave is still ongoing. But here is a controversial video,

22.08.2014 - 0:24   
Pepe Escobar: Vanishing point … | Русская весна

First, passenger airliner MH370 vanished from Planet Earth. Then MH370 vanished from the news cycle. First, MH17 was shot down by "Putin's missile" - as Planet Earth was told. Then MH17 vanished from the news cycle.

22.08.2014 - 0:19   
Loyal-To-Fascists Ukrainian Army Convoy Crushed Near Djakovo (Photos) | Русская весна

The armed forces of Novorossia attacked a convoy of loyal to junta Ukrainian troops near Djakovo.

21.08.2014 - 15:36   
August, 21: Short Information Brief About Current Warfare in Novorossia | Русская весна

According to the received data, the most trained Ukrainian special operations forces are taken away from Donbass region under the control of the Security Service. According to reports, the junta plans to attract them to commit resonance terrorist acts on the territory of Ukraine during the events dedicated to the Independence Day.

21.08.2014 - 14:09   
"They call us "Terrorists" just because we live here" (video) | Русская весна

The citizen of Donbass speaks to the British journalist saying that actually local people are not terrorists though Kyev junta calls them so. They don't attack Ukrainian cities and villages but junta's army does attack Donetsk and Lughansk killing civilians, destroying everything, exoding ordinary people.

21.08.2014 - 4:17   
Servicemen and their relatives accuse Kyev of concealing heavy casualties (video) | Русская весна

It must be said that YouTube contains growing number of video where Ukrainian military openly say that the government lies about their losses, with no speaking for 9 dead from every 10. Also they accuse their commanders-in-chief being highly indifferent leaving soldiers helpless under fire. Truely speaking practically all Ukrainian Army brigade commanders are out of the military operation zoneavoiding responsibility while their entities are almost destroyed.

21.08.2014 - 3:57   
Ukraine’s Security Council confirms Lughansk militias shoot down Ukrainian Su-25 | Русская весна

The pilot’s fate is unknown the speaker of the information and analytical center of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council said

20.08.2014 - 23:55   
Who Are Pro-Russian Leaders of Crimean Tatars | Русская весна

Crimean Tatar public organizations "Kyrym birligi" ("Crimean unity") and "Milli Farka" ("People’s Party") entered into a cooperation agreement, said the Chairman of the organization of the "Kyrym birligi" Seitumer Nimatullahi.

20.08.2014 - 22:43   
Saur Burial Mound: Apocalyptic Sights of Ukrainian Army's Defeat | Русская весна

The mound is famous to be a point of heroic defence by Soviet soldiers from Nazis and their allies while World War II. Today it becomes a symbol of victory over new Fascists in Kyev.

20.08.2014 - 18:52   
CNN: Ukrainian refugees flee to Russia (video) | Русская весна

CNN's Amara Walker reports thousands of Ukrainians are crossing into Russia to flee the fighting in their homeland.

17.08.2014 - 23:43   
Ukrainian MiG-29 plane shot down by "Free Novorossia" Fighters near Lughansk (photos, video) | Русская весна

Using of aviation is a big problem for Ukrainian military because of its worn condition, lack of practiced pilots and effective use of MANPADs by Novorossian militia. Kyev junta already has lost at least 17 military aircrafts including both reconaissance planes and 10 helicopters during 4 months of the war. Now it tries to get aircrafts from the Eastern Europe NATO members, some say that also with pilots.

17.08.2014 - 14:03   
Ukrainian Defense in 2001 shot down the plane of Russian airline "Siberia"  flying to Israel (video) | Русская весна

Ukrainian Defense in 2001 shot down the plane of Russian airline «Siberia», which made flight Tel Aviv — Novosibirsk. Then, killing 66 passengers and 12 crew members.

17.08.2014 - 3:58   
How The World Bank & IMF Plan to "Dismantle" Ukrainian Economy  (video) | Русская весна

West looks to ramp up gas production, as Vice President Biden’s son named leader in Ukrainian gas company Burisma

16.08.2014 - 14:54   
CyberBerkut calls the people of Poland to stop genocide of Donbas citizens | Русская весна

After they effectively blocked for a half of the day, 29 of July, the web-site of the Ukrainian president Petr Poroshenko, cyber-fighters from CyberBerkut on 14 of August blocked for a while a number of Polish web-sources, including president's site and Warsaw Stock Exchange one. Though Polish people suffered much from Fascism during World War II and a lot of Polish were killed by Ukrainian Nazis (Banderas) today Polish government and a number of pseudo-patriotic and false-democratic structures and organizations try to support Neo-Fascism and Neo-Banderas in Ukraine.

15.08.2014 - 18:22   
Stunning Video of the Ukrainian Miltary Vehicles and Armors Crashed Down by Novorossia Freedom Fihters | Русская весна

This video is made by Lughansk television in the area of Sverdlovsk where the units of 72 Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Army was destroyed by the Militia of Donbass with the help of MLRS and atrillery taken from the Kyev troops.

15.08.2014 - 15:48   
The Officer Who Beat The Generals Leaves His Position in DPR | Русская весна

The defense minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Igor Strelkov, resigned from the post Thursday, the republic’s officials said in a statement.

15.08.2014 - 15:11   
City of Donetsk Suffers Ukrainian Army's Deadful Shelling (photo, video 18+) | Русская весна

Artillery shells hit close to the centre of Donetsk while Ukrainian government forces trying to block the main city of the Donbass region, made the capital of the Donetsk People's Republic, with hundreds of civilian (mostly Russian) population still being under Ukrainian Army's fire.

15.08.2014 - 15:10   
12 adults, 3 childreen are dead under Ukrainian Army's fire. Shocking video, 18+ | Русская весна

Ukrainian military forces shelled the town Zugres in Donetsk region, now named the Donetsk People Republic, and killed at least 15 people, including three children.

14.08.2014 - 22:01   
Serbian Volunteers Destroy Ukrainian Artillery in Donetsk Region | Русская весна

The number of volunteers fighting in the Jovan Sevic militia battalion is unknown, but the media claim they have been able to identify the commander as Bratislav Zivkovic.

14.08.2014 - 18:46   
 Thousands of Ukrainian refugees stream into Russia, still Ukrainian militaries continue shelling campaign against people of Donbass   (video) | Русская весна

Russia is continuing to take in refugees who are fleeing fighting in Ukraine’s volatile eastern region. The United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) said around 730,000 Ukrainians have left the country for Russia this year.

26.07.2014 - 2:22   
Snezhnoe under fire: a little boy retrieved from the rubble (18 + video) | Русская весна

Snezhnoe. 15.07.2014. Ukrainian stormtroopers launched an airstrike at the peacefully sleeping city at 6:30 am.About 4 to 6 bombs landed on the residential houses.

26.07.2014 - 2:15   
Only 3 children (not 80) and no American citizens- lies of Ukrainian media rebutted | Русская весна

Passenger aircraft "Boeing-777" of Malaysian Airlines crashed for an unknown reason while flying over East Ukraine on the route Amsterdam - Kuala - Lumpur. The plane fell from a height of about 10 km, near Donetsk, which is about 50 km from Russian border, killing total of 298 people, including 15 crew members.

26.07.2014 - 2:13   
Igor Strelkov: investigation of the Boeing crash does not require any truce or humanitarian corridors | Русская весна

On July 18, the Minister of Defense of DNR Igor Strelkov said that the crash site "Boeing" Malaysia is in the rear of the DNR forces and the special commission can easily carry out the necessary investigation, the fighters have no intention to interfere or hamper it in any way. the militia did not intend to prevent this.Nevertheless, the fighting will continue on all fronts as to stop the fire when the enemy forces are surrounded would be counter-productive.

26.07.2014 - 2:10   
Ukrainian authorities intend to shut down 46 mines by 2017 in Donbass | Русская весна

Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine declared the intention to close 46 mines in Donbass by 2017

26.07.2014 - 2:05   
Novorossiya News Digest, July 15 (video) | Русская весна

Militia have engaged "Grad" launchers firing at the places of dislocation of Ukrainian forces. 3 day morning was announced in Lugansk, announced after the death of 18 civilians, who were killed by the shelling from Ukrainian Nazis. Ukrainian forces launched an airstrike on Snezhnoye, DNR. Novorossiya fighters took hold of Stepanovka, a township right at the border with Russia.

26.07.2014 - 1:59   
Borderlands, Izvarino: we are in the ring, only few have survived but we won't live till dawn - words of Ukrainian soldiers (video) | Русская весна

Ukrainian soldier of the 2nd Battalion of 72th mechanized brigade who was in Izvarino, not far from Lugansk, spoke about his battalion's doomsday.He said that out of all the battalion only a few survived

26.07.2014 - 1:54   
Novorossia gathered proof of Kiev using chemical weapons | Русская весна

Attorney General of DNR Ravil Halikov has made a statement on the use of chemical weapons against the population of Novorossiya.

26.07.2014 - 1:48   
Genocide uninterrupted: Donetsk suburbs after GRAD fire | Русская весна

Massive attacks from multiple rocket launchers and artillery smash suburbs of Donetsk, kill civilians

26.07.2014 - 1:45   
Breaking news from the fronts of Novorossiya (video) | Русская весна

he fascist helicopter MI 24 was shot down near Snezhnoe. About 30 Ukrainian executioners found their death from GRAD launchers near the border. Near Aleksandrovka LNR army has shot 9 tanks and one BMP. Ukrainian side fired a bomb which landed on the Russian territory and hit a private house in the Rostov region, with one person killed and four injured.

26.07.2014 - 1:41   
Fascist safari: Foreigners pay for the right to kill Ukrainians (video) | Русская весна

Recently militia of Donetsk's Republic reported elimination of two army outposts near Donetsk. According to Defense Minister Igor Strelkov, one of the checkpoints was kept by personnel in the NATO camouflage and with foreign passports, allegedly mercenaries. Still, recently the war in Ukraine started attracting those who don't need any pay - they are ready to pay for the chance to shoot people and get away with that. Ukrainian authorities are turning the combat zone into an entertainment park for foreign tourists.

26.07.2014 - 1:31   
Slavyansk:  guerrillas are acting undercover (video) | Русская весна

Slavyansk is occupied by the Nazis but continues resistance heroically

26.07.2014 - 1:10   
Izvarino under enemy onslaught (video) | Русская весна

Heavy fighting continued from Thursday through the night at the ​border checkpoint Izvarino. The Ukrainian side again claimed to have gained full control over it, which however remained wishful thinking.

26.07.2014 - 1:05   
Poroshenko promises to kill hundred volunteers for every Ukrainian soldier | Русская весна

On July 11, the President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko held a meeting with the security forces regarding the "Grad" systems recently used by Novorossiya forces against the Ukrainian army units.

26.07.2014 - 1:02   
International Yalta Conference "The Global Crisis and Confrontation in Ukraine" | Русская весна

An international conference "The Global Crisis and Confrontation in Ukraine" took place in Yalta, Crimea, on July 6 and 7. The conference assembly voted an appeal in English and Russian languages, addressing the international community and the peoples of the CIS. The conference also set a goal of building and expanding the international solidarity movement and building a social welfare state.

11.07.2014 - 23:58   
Ukrainian military are actively fortifying their positions at the border with the Crimea | Русская весна

Ukrainian army units are fortifying their positions at the isthmus Chongar - the Crimean section of the border with Russia

11.07.2014 - 23:52   
Deputy chief of the State Border Service of Ukraine East Department was killed today. | Русская весна

Today, on July 11, the deputy chief of the Eastern Regional Control of the State Border, death of Igor Momo was reported in the Donbass combat. The border agency has confirmed this information to Ukrainian media.

11.07.2014 - 23:41   
Donbass guerrillas blew up two railway bridges | Русская весна

Yesterday DNR guerrillas blew up two bridges causing destruction which will significantly slow down the redeployment of Kiev punitive troops and their further breakthroughs toward Lisichansk.

11.07.2014 - 23:39   
Morning News Digest 11 July 2014 | Русская весна

Armed Forces of DNR captured Mikhail Gavriliouk, commander of a nationalistic battalion. Movement of heavy military equipment has been detected in the village Strelkovoe, Kherson region. According to sources, Kiev government is pulling APCs, anti-aircraft missiles (SAM) "Wasp" and the systems "Grad" to the border with the Crimea. National Council on Broadcasting of Ukraine demanded providers stop broadcasting of Russian and local channels.

11.07.2014 - 23:32   
Igor Strelkov: a column of Lvov soldiers destroyed,  huge casualty figures. | Русская весна

"Yesterday we launched an attack at the Donetsk airport by two SWAT teams, two "Nona" mortars, an AGS platoon,an armored group (BMP) and mortars. The enemy suffered heavy losses. "Bumblebee" launchers set a hotel building on fire. Eight seriously wounded soldiers were taken to the city hospital. Enemies trying to break through near township Peski were defeated with heavy losses. No casualties from our side.

11.07.2014 - 23:29   
A column of Ukrainian armored vehicles is approaching Donetsk (video conference) | Русская весна

From Mariupol, on the highway Mariupol Slavyansk, there is a huge column of armored vehicles moving towards Donetsk. According to the witnesses, it comprises of more than 40 tanks, 10 "GRAD" launchers and other military equipment. All movements and maneuvers of punitive forces near Mariupol turned out to be a part of the plan of the future attacks on Donetsk.