«Girl Bana from Aleppo» refused to evacuate: Syrian activist verified the existence of media-person (PHOTO)

«Girl Bana from Aleppo» refused to evacuate: Syrian activist verified the existence of media-person (PHOTO) | Русская весна

A pro-government activist Maytham Al Ashkar offered the mother of «the girl from Aleppo» to evacuate from the city but he found that her social network account is a propaganda tool, — news agency Sputnik reports.

According to Ashkar he has managed to contact the Bana Alabed’s representatives, a 7-year-old girl, whose Twitter account set up in September depicts the terrible life under the bombing in east Aleppo.

At the end of November, the activist offered Bana and her family a help in evacuation from city via a private message. 

At that moment, he had already dealt with Syrian authorities about an opportunity to evacuate Bana and her relatives away from the city to any destination of their choice, even out of Syria.

He even resolved the problem with the criminal prosecution of her father who is a member of «Al-Safwa» Islamist group and is an employee of Islamist-controlled city council.

In two weeks, Bana’s representatives contacted Ashkar, and after that he started communicating with a person who used the Syrian girl’s account.

It almost immediately became clear that the person behind the account preferred English, because he had not answered any messages in Arabian, mother tongue of any Syrian.

According to the legend, the account, except for Bana herself, is used by her mother, Fatemah, only.

The activist was surprised that the girl’s mother had not learnt Arabic while studying for 12 years in school and 4 years at university.

He continued to communicate with the girl’s representatives. However, despite all guarantees provided by the Syrian government, local governor and promises to draw the attention of mass media to evacuation, the negotiations failed. 

Having complained that he was rushing her, Ashkar’s conversation patner refused the offer.

«That person who contacted me via that account was absolutely not scared [by constant fire in Aleppo, which Bana wrote about in Twitter»], Ashkar said. The activist confirmed that the girl was just a face, a tool used by British special services. 

According to Ashkar, the relationship between Bana and Britain is visible via the White Helmets organization, with whom the Bana’s account closely connects and who are funded and sponsored by the British government.

Some users of network also have managed to trace a link between the Syrian girl and Britain, because the metadata of her profile in social network allows to state that her account was registered in the United Kingdom.

Ashkar is sure that Bana’s representatives corresponded with him in order to accuse him of a lie. It let them to present him as a regime propagandist liar.

«Perhaps they wanted to drag me into threatening them or writing something inappropriate to be used against the Syrian authorities. However, to their surprise, I was not lying. I sincerely tried to help the child who is being used and abused, and the Syrian authorities were cooperative with me», Ashkar concludes.

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