Why did the West «poisoned» Kara-Murza and what has expired visa have to do with this (PHOTO)

Why did the West «poisoned» Kara-Murza and what has expired visa have to do with this (PHOTO) | Русская весна

Despite Russian and American authorities have been recently voicing cautious optimism regarding possible cooperation on some world agenda points most Western media keep on blowing anti-Russian propaganda which becomes so absurd it harms their own reputation.

In the beginning of February The Wall Street Journal published Davis Satter’s article «Trump gives a boost to Putin’s propaganda».  

The author criticizes new president of the United States Donald Trump and the criticism is based on blaming the American leader for supporting the so called «Putin’s regime».

He does not limit himself to another round of sucking Moscow’s Middle Eastern policy lollipop and goes further — accuses Kremlin of «extrajudicial murders».

Here we start to doubt whether Satter knows that there is no such thing as «judicial murder» in Russia.

According to him «Russian activists know they could be killed anytime in the current atmosphere». He’s not embarrassed to give an example of «political activist and journalist» Vladimir Kara-Murza Junior who was taken to Municipal Clinical hospital February 2, 2017 showing signs of poisoning. Satter directly claims that Kara-Murza has been deliberately poisoned because of the statement Kara-Murza made in June 2016 at Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Kara-Murza then called for extending sanctions in accordance with Magnitskiy law. Satter claims that Kara-Murza paid for his suggestion to include general Alezander Bastrykin into the sanction list.

It’s prominent that even Vladimir’s lovibg father Vladimir Kara-Murza does not agree with Satter on this point.

He replied to journalists’ question about poisoning possibility: «Doctors do not think so, me either. If someone wanted to kill him, they wouldn’t allow to bring him to ICU».

Then Kara-Murza added that his son was overworking recently. «He performed more than forty demonstrations of the movie about Nemtsov — in Russia and abroad. He was the one to prepare and organize „Rememberance and pain march“, no one helped him. He slogged his guts out, I believe, there was noone’s evil deed behind that... When he comes round I would tell him to quit all that oppositional nonsense. Let him rest, sleep and recover», — said father of the «poisoned hero».

Moreover British-American journalist who call himself «expert on Russia» on his Twitter page reminds us about murder of «one of Russian opposition leaders Boris Nemtsov». He hints that Nemtsov was murdered because of his «reports on Russian military presence in Eastern Ukraine which was denied by the government».

To understand true intentions of such kind of article let’s dwell on author’s personality. First of all we see that criticizing Russia, its internal and foreign policy is 60 y.o. Satter’s sense of life. More than half of his works is dedicated to that topic. He is proud of the fact that he has become «the first journalist to be kicked out from Russsia since Cold War».

But in fact it was about breaking Russia’s migration law: Tagansky court of Moscow ruled to impose fine on Mr. Satter and deport him from Russia due to major breach of immigration law. The ruling is dated November 29, 2013.

The point is journalist’s Russian visa expired and he did not show at Federal Migration Service within the legal period.

December 4, 2013 Satter left Russia upon court order and he was banned from entering Russia according to art. 27 point 2 of the Federal law «Russia border crossing act».

Satter did not appeal from a judgment. However all the abovementioned information did not stop him from giving interviews to Western media (The Guardian in particular) making loud statements, telling how he was «shocked» by the court ruling and how he thought it was politically charged.

It’s obvious that we may hardly treat the journalist seriously if he doesn’t even try to be objective.

Speaking about Moscow he openly says: «I have been writing about Moscow for many years. I have always been criticizing Putin’s regime, there is nothing new here... There is plenty to criticize. If you write about Russia honestly you can’t do that without critics».

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