Eyewitness speaks of horror at Odessa Trade Unions Assembly Hall on 2 May 2014

Eyewitness speaks of horror at Odessa Trade Unions Assembly Hall on 2 May 2014 | Русская весна

An eyewitness lady provides evidence of murders and horrorful crimes committed by the ultra-nationalists and nazi agressors at Odessa Trade Unions Assembly Hall on 2 May 2014.

Transcribed and translated from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovX9tVTq6KI

i cannot specify the exact daytime…

here is what happened:

when i was at the Cathedral square («Sobornaja ploschadi») i saw right in front of my eyes
the ultra-nationalists cutting the throat of a 40 year old man.

they shouted to him «Slava Ukraine!», and he told them «i am just an Odessa man»
so they pulled him to the ground and cut his throat

i felt so shocked i immediately experienced an urge to escape, so i ran to a taxi and went to «Kulikovo pole» place.
when i arrived, i saw tents surrounded by barriers of tires, sand bags, some posters — covering the entire perimeter.

the events developed very rapidly from that point on: i heard someone say that the Assembly building may provide
a safer protection against an incoming attack, and then people started carrying their stuff
from the tents inside the Assembly building.

aggressors arrived on white-and-black painted minibuses, although some of them might have taken different means to ge to the place.

once i was inside the Assembly building, i saw mid-aged and young people, men and women, as well as some adolescent children.
nobody of the people running for cove inside the Assembly building had guns or any weapons, no people were unarmed.

i remember a big lobby leading to a staircase and some space to the left where one could run,
i don’t remember any spaces providing any escape routes to the right.
most people i saw immediately took to the staircase and went upstairs.

i did not run with the majority, i went to the left into a corridor running between a number of office rooms.
i entered one of the rooms, don’t remember the office number, but i remember seeing a big bag stuck with (wooden?) poles.
men were all coming to that bag, women were dividing available
first aid items such as anti-ceptics, lint, surgical cotton etc. into smaller portions
and sharing those.

opposite to this office room, there was an auxilliary exit, or escape exit from the building, and its door was not locked.
men tried to put office boxes next to the door, but that just wasn’t enough. basically, one could use that door quite easily…
that was my memory of the 1st floor.

i then went up to 2nd floor and saw people trying to fortify the walls between offices, which i did not understand for i thought
that kind of activity might obstruct effective escape if/when escaping becomes necessary.
also, as soon as i could glance out of 2nd floor windows, i realised that the Assembly building is completely surrounded by the ultras/fascists.

another fact: there was absolutely no water in the building.
the water was cutoff before the ultras/fascists began their attacks, before the bottles with flammable liquids and «Molotov cocktails» got thrown into the building

i saw some women succeeded to fill their bottles with water, and some of them were poring this water trying to cover under-window space on the outside.
i remember from school that flammable substances do not mix with water, creating a thin film on top of water,
assuming the water layer keeps spreading, the flame is bound to be spreading at the same speed, which is higher than without the water layer.
i objected to these women’s poring the water out, and that process was stopped.

then i went up to 3rd floor, looked around…

i realised that some space between the 2nd and 3rd floor is getting burned.
timewise, the burning started about 30 minutes after we got inside the Assembly building altogether.
thinking that the fire is bound to spread up, i decided to go down.

then i heard heavy noise and shooting, i mean, they were shooting inside the building.
there happened to be a man with a fire extinguisher, who saw me trying to go downstairs. he stopped me by saying
«the ultra-nationalists „Pravyj Sektor“ is already there, don’t go down»
i said «isn’t that too fast?» he said «don’t go down»
i decided to follow his advice

as i went back up to 3rd floor, a very thin man from lower floors came up, saying the ultra-nationalists were taking over, defenders were outnumbered and required support.
i saw 4 people go downstairs with him, i did not go.

did those defenders have weapons?

no, none of the defending people had any weapons

i then saw a man who burned… right, that was a male body, then a female body was brought from the 4th floor

then there came a thick smoke mixture with gas — i can’t describe it in specific details, but i could not stay surrounded by this mixture for more than a couple minutes

do you know what was burning, what caused this kind of smoke?

no, i don’t know… but a couple minutes in this smoke — and you stop realising wat goes on, you lose ability to think or recognise things:
as soon as i realised that i start experiencing these things, i put a breething mask and ran away.

while running, i passed a staircase and heard a man shouting from below «ultras are coming up, save yourselves»

i then entered an office on the 3rd floor… some 33x-something number, maybe 336
the room had 10 men and 4 women including myself.
it was something like a «first aid room»

as soon as i got in, 2 men were brought in, and we checked to learn that they had no pulse, no vitals
we recognised that they were dead already and the 2 bodies were put along a wall

maybe 10 mins after that a masked guy briefly got in to inform us that the ultras/fascists were about to reach the 3rd floor
i remeber that it was a masked guy because people i saw up to that point iether had no masks at all, or had some light respiratory masks

as soon as we heard that man, the men in the room began to fortify the room entrance with storage shelves etc. — as much as we could.
they could not close it completely as there was some gap space between the shelves and the upper edge of the entrance.

thene there were several minutes of pure shootouts, no voices, numerous gun shots in the corridor and nothing else.

then we heard somebody asking us to let them in, they said they were being killed and asked for cover and help.

men were trying to evaluate whether the request was valid or not, but finally decided to ease defenses and try to check.

as soon as they opened 5–7 cantimeter gap by moving shelves sideways, we got immediately shot from the outside.

i remember looking into the eyes of a masked guy from the corridor, and he was looking into my eyes, as i heard something very quickly passing near my ear with a high pitch sound.
i turned around and saw a bullet in the wall.

then i fell down behind the table trying to get under some protection as i heard cheering from the corridor " yeeeaahhh! we just shot another «colorados» girl! «

i cannot describe my shock… i mean, we were looking eye-to-eye and he shot me from a military gun…

then all our men inside the room moved swiftly to shut the entrance with the shelves while women went crazy crying «help us!»

there was this gap space between the shelves and the upper edge of the entrance, probably large enough for a compact guy to get in —
so the attackers released gas from fire extinguishers into this gap, and then empties 3–4 other gas caskets.
(this was probably CO2 from gas extinguishers and some neuro-paralytic gas from the other caskets)

felling this endlessly terrifying shock, i stopped recognising sounds, but i remember us crying out «don’t kill!»

the gas got in and filled the entire space, it was immobile, and had all features of a concetrated gas cloud.
Despite a couple of big windows open, we did not feel any air coming in at all.
We felt this airless situation went forever, although the actual time count might have been 15 mins.

the defending men were holding on as far as they could, and then we saw some of them loosing orientation — the support of shelves and entrance fortification weakened.
once the defences weakened, hell took over: the atackers got inside and killed all the men immediately.

the women were all sat on chairs in a row by the wall leading up to one of the windows.
opposite us there were those 2 dead bodies i spoke of earlier on, who we identified as lacking vitals…

the attackers began hitting those bodies with bats etc.
we told them that those men were already dead, and the two bodies — only bodies, but they kept on hitting and hitting.

also, once the attackers got in, someone shouted from the corridor: save the bullets, use hands (to kill).

then there was on order to move everybody into the basement service place, and move women somewhere else.

all defending men were killed, the bodies were pulled around the ground.

i don’t know where the woman that was taken first — where she went, or where she is now…

when the started taking me, i told them that i have a little infant, appealing so they spare me.

in the corridor i heard: «get one (woman) here for screwing, and the other — to the basement»

i reached for my mobile phone and showed them a picture of my child, saying
«look: this is my baby, it’s only 3 years old, i am a plain Odessa woman… why are you guys doing these crazy things?»

someone shouted «right, and i am a local football team fan, and you’ll never succeed with your Odessa republic shit»

they had a leader, a man in mid-thirties, very-well equipped with his body fully protected, a big guy.
he had a drum revolver and i saw him loading bullets into the drum.

meanwhile many bodies were being pulled on the ground… i don’t know if there were anybody alive among those…

too many bodies everywhere… when they took me from the first aid office on the 3rd floor,
we could not help but step on bodies as we walked
after some time walking, we reached some room that only had blood everywhere…

the wounded were all finished off…

yes, at least there is another girl that i keep in touch with now, who was with me at the «first aid room» — she can confirm everything,
although she is now hiding wit her husband, who also was in the building and got badly burned.

they have to hide because the «SBU» people hit the hospitals on 3 May 2014 and
acquired all personal information of all people related to 2 May events at the Assembly building who contacted medical workers

total horror…

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