Solomon Mann: Very bad and painful scenario awaits Ukraine

Solomon Mann: Very bad and painful scenario awaits Ukraine | Русская весна

Ukraine in the near future can expect a "very bad, and very painful" scenario associated with the actions of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, and his administration. This was stated by well-known Israeli political expert Solomon Mann.

"Now all of the efforts of the administration will be devoted to fulfilling the Minsk Agreements," Mann stated. According to Mann, Ukraine is in an extremely disadvantageous position currently.

"The point is that full compliance with the Minsk agreements is very inconvenient for Ukraine: it will have to make changes to the Constitution and the Parliament will not agree to do it, and then the United States in a loud voice will call Ukraine an obstacle to peace, not Russia,", stated Mann.

"This is a very bad and very painful scenario, from which we must escape" – he repeated.

As Mann said, in order to avoid this, Ukraine would need to "make a counterproposal to postpone the execution of the Minsk Agreements and establish peace in another way."

"Klimkin (Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine), it seems, has not submitted any such proposal. Time is lost, I am afraid, " he concluded.

Translated by James Harmon, originally published at RusVesna 

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