Mariupol: people's investigation of junta crimes

Mariupol: people's investigation of junta crimes | Русская весна

By Oleg Tsarev.
The Odessa horror did not stop junta’s criminal march. They leave a deadly trail all over Ukraine, and «East&South» movement activists will take every effort to investigate and prove each of their terrible crimes.

The way they have executed participants of a peaceful procession on May 9 is yet another example of horrible cynicism and atrocity. No one will ever forget how people were shot on the Victory day — people who did not hide their faces, who had no weapons, not even a stick with them.

After committing yet another heinous crime junta is again trying to hush up the matters. But the videos serve as a proof of their actions,and we have already collected evidence from witnesses and hospitals. 30 are dead, more than 100 are wounded, out of which 17 remain in the intensive care units -that’s the bloody crop of junta in Mariupol.

We continue our investigation and we declare: beasts at power, who burn, murder, imprison their people are not government. They are criminals and the payday is not far. They will pay full price for all evil committed in Ukraine.

PS. It’s become kind of a practice that after multiple views Youtube removes the video as containing violent scenes. Here we can’t but agree: the violence of Kiev junta is so traumatic even Youtube can’t face it.

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