Road map to the next stage : protecting the right to self-determination leading up to souvereign foundations of the Federal Republic «Novorossia»

Road map to the next stage : protecting the right to self-determination leading up to souvereign foundations of the  Federal Republic «Novorossia» | Русская весна

Following up on the publicly announced results of 11 May 2014 democratic referendum at Donetsk oblast and Lugansk oblast, the civil rights protection movement «Yugo-Vostok» Co-ordination Committee consulted all representatives of all relevant organisations to agree a roadmap ensuring protection of democracy and civil liberties.

1. General Foundations: political aspects
1.1 Declaration of Independence for what used to be referred to as Donetsk and Lugansk regions, proclaiming and establishing People’s Republick of Donetsk (PRD) and People’s Republic of Lugansk (PRL)

1.2 Address other regions / oblasts of Ukraine offering similar opprtunities of protection for civil liberties and self-determination-based statehood within the newly-federated Republic of Novorossia
(hereinafter «Novorossia»)

1.3 Draft the Federal Treaty for PRD and PRL as the founding members of Novorossia, draft the Constitution of Novorossia: prepare the documents and launch the democratic process of public debate involving the entire population of PRD and PRL

1.4 Appoint Tsarjov O.A. as the working group head ensuring professional and democratic implementation of points 1.2 and 1.3 above

1.5 Address The Union State (The Union State of Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus) with a request to join it, also address Republic of Kazakhstan to ensure all three Customs Union states are notified and aware of our intention to join the Customs Union.

1.6. Address the European Union with a clear statement on inability to accept EU Association

1.7 Address Russian Federation as well as other member-states of the United Nations Security Council, likewise — address OSCE members with a demand of clear and effective sanctions against Kiev-based junta regime to stop what many believe is the on-going genocide of civil population of PRD and PRL.

1.8 Address Ukraine’s Supreme Rada with a demand to stop the inhumane military activities and take their military groups out of PRD and PRL

1.9 Ask Slavic states, and most importantly — Russian people for aid in stopping the inhumane fascist military aggression that PRD and PRL are experiencing today.

2. Statehood model development and implementation
2.1 Democratic vote and adoption of Declaration of Independence: PRD and PRL

2.2 Democratic vote and composition of parliaments: PRD and PRL

2.3 Democratically-composed and functional parliaments of respective republics then work to democratically elect respective governments consisting of a minimum of
— Ministry of Defense
— Ministry of Internal Affairs
— Ministry of Foreign Affairs
— Ministry of Education
— Ministry of Industry, Trade, Infrastructue
— Ministry of Economics, Finance, Taxation
— Ministry of Agriculture
— Healthcare Ministry
— Security & Intelligence Services
— Hygiene & Sanitary Controls services
— Customs & Border Controls Services
Ensuring separation from the Executive Branch, a Judicial Branch will be formed following a democratic procedure to result in Prosecutor-General appointment complemented by Supreme Courts & judges.

Democratic and professional implementation of these measures under well-reglamented and transparent public ontrol will yield all (formerly) Ukraine’s goverment institution representatives to be abolished on the territory of PRD and PRL

2.4 New sovereign borders of PRD and PRL are proclaimed based on what has been administrative borders of Donetsk and Lugansk oblast up to recently. The Customs & Border Controls Services of PRD and PRL are to take over respective duties

2.5 We suggest that all military units of Ukraine currently present in PRD and PRL, wether army or police, either
(a) take oath to protect the democracy, public, and civil liberties of PRD and PRL, or
(b) give their weapons away and leave the territory of PRD and PRL without further violence

2.6 All military and para-military units currently present in PRD and PRL:
(a) Democratically elected and appointed representatives of people in PRD and PRL are the only persons capable of allowing or disallowing a military or para-military unit, whether for army or police purposes.
In the absence of an elected government, the interim functions of such controls reside with the «Yugo-Vostok» Co-ordination Committee.
All military and para-military units that are not explicitly allowed, are disallowed and outlawed.

(b) Non-PRD and non-PRL units, including those of Ukranian army, police, security services etc. are qualified as aggressors with documented evidence of warfare (genocide) against civil populace of PRD and PRL.
We ultimately demand of Ukraine’s Supreme Rada, of every head of Ukraine’s military/para-military unit, to stop the aggressive activities, halt all warfare, and remove all troops from PRD and PRL territory within 24 hours (members of troops that expressed their free will to serve PRD and PRL may stay).
We intend to denounce all disallowed military and paramilitary units once the 24-hour period is over, outlawing their members as terrorists, and advancing lawsuits against Kiev junta members since we believe them to be responsible for all the inhumane crimes that have been taking place recently.

(c) It is our intention to limit the ability of Ukraine to use PRD and PRL airspace, particularly for military aifcrafts

2.7 It is our intention to appoint representatives into Donetsk and Lugansk branches of Ukraine’s Central Bank to ensure controls as appropriate

3. Economic foundations

3.1 Establish respective PRD and PRL republican budgets, ensure that all taxes and relevant budget revenues are ollected and forwarded appropriately for the purposes of sustaining the respective republican budgets.

3.2 Nationalise all property that has been owned by the State of Ukraine within the territory of PRD and PRL, convert that property into respective republican property.

3.3 Freeze assets, forbid entry, adopt other sanctions against people prosecuted or under prosecution for inhumane crimes committed on the territory of PRD and PRL. All assets, and any other revenues due from such assets are to be forwarded by the interim management into public revenues within respective republican budgets.

3.4 Denounce customs controls on the border with Russian Federation

3.5 Confirm free trade and visa-free regime with Russian Federation as well as satellite CIS countries

3.6 Use Russian Rouble in parallel with Ukraine Hryvna for all economic purposes.
Invite Russian financial institutions as well as insurance entities to open their affiliate branches, while appointing some of those as PRD/PRL Governmental agents for the purposes of all national account clearing workflows. Any Russian institutions that have branches/affiliates in PRD/PRL but do not wish to operate these branches due to PRD/PRL adopting independence can transfer their activities to PRD/PRL Governmental agents.

3.7 Invite Russian Federation’s Veterinary and Sanitary Control Services to open its facilities at PRD/PRL for pre-clearing of any merchandise for export into Russian Federation.

3.8 Treat all goods and services exchanged with Russian Federation equally for the purposes of governmental purchases etc.

3.9 Forbid any development of shale gas

4 Federal Republic of Novorossia

4.1 Federal Treaty between PRD and PRL
Fix the structure, adopt the Constitution

4.2 Democratic elections of Novorossia’s Parliament and Novorossia’s President
Result: federally-governed army, judicial system, police, and finances including taxes and federal budget

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