German paratroopers ready to join Donbass people in their fight

German paratroopers ready to join Donbass people in their fight | Русская весна

Growing vehement denunciation of Kiev politics spearheaded formation of South-East support groups in Germany, which consist mostly of Soviet expatriates and descendants of German anti-fascists.

Desantura — Airborne knights.

They all share the same background. German roots (some go as far as tsar times), Soviet born and brought up, army service (many fought in conflict zones).

The regional unit of «International Paratroopers Association» in Germany announced their readiness to combat Nazi units in South East Ukraine. They are 50 plus paratrooper veterans who keep in touch and get together regularly for training.

The recent gathering of the Association branch was dedicated to the Victory day celebration, with the war veteran invitees. Before that, there was an April procession is support of Crimea joining Russian Federation.

«We are new to public campaigns. Thinking it would be just us, we were into a great surprise seeing Syrian, Libyan communities respond to our online invitation, and not only them — dozens and dozens of expats from the countries which tasted the bitter democracy pill prescribed by the USA." said Dmitriy Marmilov, Army reserve lieutenant.

As a result, the demonstration saw odd 400 participant walking in the center of Berlin, through the streets to the Soviet war memorial in Treptower Park. Invited veterans wearing huge displays of war decorations, soldiers-internationalists from Kaliningrad and other supporters marched to the loud applause and cheering of the people in the streets. Police tried to interfere referring to some local order banning processions involving foreign military uniform but seasoned soldiers acted like true diplomats and settled the matter peacefully with the help of Russian diplomatic mission.

But it’s not only Russians by birth who stand up for Russia in Berlin. GDR special forces veteran Alexander Kiefel is ready to create a volunteers battalion n.a Ernst Thallman.

«We are not mercenaries», Kiefel anticipates the tricky question.«Remember Spain in 1936s — only volunteers. If the situation in the south-east of Ukraine escalates any further, me and my guys will go to fight against fascism.»
This fight is in his blood. His grandfather was declared a personal enemy of Reinhard Heydrich and was forced to flee to the Soviet Union. Fought in the war in Spain, then took up a key position in the counter-intelligence and propaganda services of the USSR. Returned to his homeland in 1945 when it was finally released from fascism.

The grandson of the anti-fascist fighter was a part of a special forces unit of the GDR and together with the Soviet soldiers spent a lot of time in Afghanistan. You know that he means it, when he talks about the independent international battalion. The paratroopers fraternity has also veteran militants from former Soviet republic.

«They are our brothers, our Russian guys» he says, making a stress on the Russian part.

No matter how smooth and comfortable their lives in Germany have become, they never forget their mother land. Russia and everything that’s happening to it is happening to them.

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