Parents of newly recruited soldiers block the army

Parents of newly recruited soldiers block the army | Русская весна

8 young soldiers from Melitopol were supposed to be sent to the borders of Lugansk and Donetsk regions but parents interfered, fearing their children will be killed. Together with other soldiers serving in the same unit they blocked the gate and stopped the truck in which soldiers were being taken to their location. The driver tried to break through the crowd but without any success.

After that the command of the military unit tried to take them out by making them wear civil clothes and walking out of the gate but this attempt failed as well. Parents of the soldiers were threatened, one deputy police chief promising the soldiers will be taken to the war zone even if he had to run over the whole crowd.

As relatives of the soldiers told, they were forced to sign an agreement stating they are going to the war zone out of free will and will not hold their command responsible for any consequences. Military prosecution representatives also tried their hand in «persuading» young men fulfill their «duty»: three armed men came and threatened to shoot their legs through if they don’t agree, and then promised to shoot their families. But families did not give in and the drafting was cancelled, although not clear for how long. Turns out this is not the first case of threats to the potential soldiers of the Ukrainian army here.

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