LNR leader Valery Bolotov on the capture of a female sniper and hopes for help from Russia (video)

LNR leader Valery Bolotov on the capture of a female sniper and hopes for help from Russia (video) | Русская весна

The head of the People’s Republic of Lugansk Valery Bolotov said at a press conference that Republic’s army soldiers captured five Ukrainian soldiers, including a female sniper.

«The results for the past 24 hours — five prisoners, including a woman sniper» — said Bolotov reporters.

According to him, during past few days they have captured three female snipers, one of them, presumably, from the Baltic region.

Valery Bolotov said that the Republic hopes to get help from Russia but primarily relies on its own armed forces. According to him, South Ossetia became the first country to recognize the independence of the Republic of Luhansk, with Abkhazia hopefully following.

— We are waiting for support from Russia but at this moment we have to rely on ourselves. Our enemies have a huge advantage over our forces so we desperately need Russia’s help. The fact of recognition by South Ossetia should change the situation towards positive.

Lugansk republic leader also said that the actions of the Ukrainian security services are contrary to their statements: they are talking about completing the military operation, but only increase the military presence.

— Battles were going on all night, and still continue, with more military equipment being deployed. We have captured six units, three of them are destroyed. Five prisoners, one of them — the woman sniper, presumably from Lithuania, — said Bolotov. — She will be questioned, we will carry out an investigation.

Bolotov said the Ukrainian military did not let his fighters to take the dead bodies away from the battlefield, they plant mines around corpses and snipers are positioned around the perimeter of the field, a lot of them women. At the same militias constantly hear foreign speech among the Ukrainian military.

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