Fascist safari: Foreigners pay for the right to kill Ukrainians (video)

Fascist safari: Foreigners pay for the right to kill Ukrainians (video) | Русская весна

Recently militia of Donetsk’s Republic reported elimination of two army outposts near Donetsk. According to Defense Minister Igor Strelkov, one of the checkpoints was kept by personnel in the NATO camouflage and with foreign passports, allegedly mercenaries. Still, recently the war in Ukraine started attracting those who don’t need any pay — they are ready to pay for the chance to shoot people and get away with that. Ukrainian authorities are turning the combat zone into an entertainment park for foreign tourists.

Training day in one of the bases of battalion Azov in Berdyansk. Middle-aged, burdened with a bulletproof jacket, dark haired man with a Kalashnikov — he was nicknamed «Don» here. Francesco Fontana — one of several hundreds of Western adventurers who flew to Ukraine at war, like vultures to the smell of blood. He tells enthusiastically how he was smashing barricades of militias in Mariupol, getting his baptism by fire.

«I am a volunteer, I do not get money here. I had to pay for the tickets to come to Ukraine. This is the experience I have dreamed of all my life. There is no room for sentimentality. This is war. I’m here to kill," says Fontana who in his youth was a member of radical circles. The aged Fontana dropped a career of a manager in the car showroom and went to Kiev, Maidan. There he joined «Right Sector», and then became a member of «Foreign Legion» of battalion «Azov», which Kiev authorities have created following advice of Washington.

«These people do not hide the fact that they are killing innocent people and consider Ukrainians as Papuans, as some animals, which you can buy a license to hunt for,« — said Vladimir Rogov, the leader of the Slavyansk Guards, chairman of the «People’s Front» of Novorossiya.

The fact that foreigners are really going to Ukraine to kill for pleasure and are ready to pay for it themselves, is confirmed by a former employee of Blackwater, USA citizen Stan Patton. In his Twitter, he shares the quotation: a shot from howitzers — $ 100 from, the tank — $ 200, a shot at the village is priced at $ 350.

The international rabble gets to Ukraine through the skillful recruiter — 46 y.o Frenchman Gaston Besson. He advertises the offer online, for those willing to take part in the bloody «safari» in Ukraine. «We invite you to join the battalion " Azov». No pay. We are ready to meet you in Kiev. You must provide the information about your family and social position. Let us know if you are ready to participate in the battles, or will train young soldiers. Upon arrival in Kiev, you will get the contact number of our English-speaking employee. Sleeping, eating, and so on — at our base in the south-east, " says the ad.

A native of Mexico, he served in the French commandos unit and in special forces in Southeast Asia. Participant of three coups and two wars. Laos, Burma, Suriname… In 1991, as a mercenary he was killing Serbs in Croatia and then — in Bosnia. His unit had been infamous for the terrible cruelty and ruthlessness to the Serbs, including the civilian population.

«People come from various countries. Finland, Norway, Sweden, England, France, Italy… We do not take fanatics and extremists. We need people with military experience, professionals. We are not fighting for NATO or for the European Union, we have no interest in politics. Every day I get about 15 letters from those who want to come to Ukraine to fight. We all are aware that there is a war, and every day you can be injured or killed, «said Gaston Besson.

These masters of dirty work are being put by U.S. administration to all the hot spots — Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. It is known that during the first 9 months of the Obama presidency the number of mercenaries in the U.S foreign operations has grown by two and a half times. Looks like the strategy of American advisers, which the Ukrainian government follows to a t, implies increasing the number of foreign mercenaries at south-east direction of Ukraine, too.

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