Novorossia gathered proof of Kiev using chemical weapons

Novorossia gathered proof of Kiev using chemical weapons | Русская весна

Attorney General of DNR Ravil Halikov has made a statement on the use of chemical weapons against the population of Novorossiya.

«The results of the expertise are not yet ready, but we can say with 99% probability that (Kiev) was using chemical weapons. Besides expertise, we also carried out examinations, people who were hospitalized show characteristic symptoms «- he said in a live interview with TV channel Russia 24.

«We have collected soil samples and some more evidence. All of this was sent to Rostov, and from there to Moscow. Currently, we are in constant contact with the experts, investigators, «-he added.

Earlier it was reported that the Attorney General’s office filed a lawsuit «against yet unidentified soldiers» of the armed forces of Ukraine, National Guard and Right Sector members, who are suspected of use of chemical weapons against civilians.

It is worth noting that the first reports of the possible use of banned substances by Ukrainian security forces appeared quite some time ago. On June 12 Semenovka (Slavyansk) was fired with incendiary bombs. The next day, shelling repeated. In late June, the commander of the militia Igor Strelkov reported that hospitals of Slavyansk began to receive people with symptoms of poisoning by chlorine. Later he reported another strike, during which one of the volunteers received chemical poisoning.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also noted that Ukraine was using banned weapons against civilians. However, at that time the evidence was not sufficient.

Despite the fact that the results of the expertise are not yet out, it’s not hard to believe that Kiev was using chemical weapons against own citizens. There have been enough instances of the security forces engaging prohibited weapons, and lack of any adequate response from Kiev only proves that they are trying to hush up the criminal practices, as the situation in Donbass gets out of control. The masterminds behind the population genocide in East Ukraine are gangs ruled by oligarch Kolomoysky. They don’t care about the safety of common people or Poroshenko’s image- all they need is for the war to continue.

Novorossia gathered proof of Kiev using chemical weapons | Русская весна
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