Heroes of Syria fighting for Kuweires (PHOTOS + VIDEOS)

Heroes of Syria fighting for Kuweires (PHOTOS + VIDEOS) | Русская весна

Siege of Syrian Kuweires military airbase has lasted for three years, governmental forces have been repelling terrorists’ assaults under constant artillery, mortar and machine-gun fire.

45 kilometers lay between the airbase and governmental forces’ positions in Aleppo where each building was turned into fortress by the terrorists. Syrian army’s attempts to lift blockade were unsuccesful for quite a long period of time as it was impossible to counter enemy’s fixed and mobile tactical facilities, to distort their command and communication systems.

There were about six hundred military personnel at the base before the siege started, they were mostly pilots, air cadets and technical staff. By the time blockade was lifted only three hundred people left. The airbase was supplied by air and it's important to remember that each helicopter flight was attended by great danger.

Whole airspace over the airbase was live fire zone as it was shot through with HMGs by the terrorists. Besides it’s been aanounced that terrorists disposed of American-made «Stinger» MANPADS delivered through Turkish and Qatari special services. Disregarding all the threats Syrian pilots risked their lives to deliver everything required for airbase defence. Most of the flights were performed at night.

The airbase survived four massive assaults. «Free Syrian Army», «Jabhat an-Nusra» and ISIS tried to sieze it. Terrorists even managed to capture part of airbase buildings in April 2013 but soon after they were driven out there.

In August the besieged base experienced the biggest assault — more than six hundred terrorists were involved. The assault started with suicide bomber’s attempt to explode mined car at a check point, but the car was destroyed well short of the base.

After that the fighters’ tank brigades tried to breach defence but the battle ensued destroyed dozens of armoured vehicles so the terrorists had to withdraw. According to different soures they lost between 100 and 150 fighters then. Governmental forces lost about thirty men.

By the end of August Syrian government decided to set up special brigade to lift Kuweires blockade. Organizational and command tasks were entrusted to Syrian national hero colonel Suheil al-Hassan, «An-Nimr» brigade commander («Tiger Forces»). He leaded Aleppo central prison relieve, liberated town of Murek in the north of Hama governorate and Homs gas fields.

Brigades under command of colonel Suheil started to mop-up building after building, village after village moving towards Kuweires aibase. Despite terrorists’ stubborn resistance and American airstrikes targeting their brigades, terrorists’ reinforcement coming from the Turkish training camps, he managed to complete his mission.

The latest media messages say that Syrian Army forces have liberated the last village occupied by ISIS — Kuweires ash-Sharqi — which opened their way to the airbase.

Kuweires airbase siege has lasted for three years, these were three long years under constant fire and attacks. The heroes-defenders can leave Kuweires now, they can see wives and kids at last. But the war unfortunately is not over yet. 

Safar Julani

Heroes of Syria fighting for Kuweires (PHOTOS + VIDEOS) | Русская весна
Heroes of Syria fighting for Kuweires (PHOTOS + VIDEOS) | Русская весна
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