The new old in the Syrian south

The new old in the Syrian south | Русская весна

In Syrian opposition's media outlet «Al-Modon» on September 27 this year there was an article about the desire of some regional players to revive the «Southern Front» («Free Syrian Army»), which had passed away along with the Southern deescalation zone last summer.

With reference to the latest publications of the Middle Eastern media, «Al-Modon» reports about the appearance of «Jayish Al-Janub» — the «Army of South», designed to combat Iranian presence and its allies on the border with Israel.

New project reveals the same old faces. Small groups like «Fursan al-Julan», «Jebhat Suar Surya» and several other small gangs that were part of the «Southern Front of the Syrian Free Army» and offended the population in the western parts of Deraa and Quneitra provinces.

Hundreds of these thugs were used in 2017–2018 by «Bunyan Al-Marsus», an operational command established by «FSA Southern Front» along with «Jebhat al-Nusra» («Hayyat Tahrir ash-Sham») to fight pro-government forces and Syrian friends (or, more precisely, the part that tried to assert its right to life in northern Qunaytra province).

The specific target of the listed groups was to attack the Druze village of Hader and break through to the Syrian army-blocked militants' enclave in Jabal Sheikh (biblical Hermon) — Beit Jinn. All those fighters were under command of «Jebhat al-Nusra» and were based with the latter's forces near Jubbata al-Khashab camp in «neutral» territory. I.e. in demilitarized zone under the guardianship of Israel Defense Forces groups deployed in the occupied Golan heights.

The Israelis, with little or no hiding, were supplying terrorists and allied militants with weapons and ammunition reckoning upon their ability to keep the border areas out of Syrian authorities control.

However, neither «Nusra»* nor FSA failed to do so. When the terrorists' actions in the summer of 2018 triggered an anti-terrorist operation by Syrian Air forces in the Southern deescalation zone, the «Nusra» thugs and their allies left for the Golans, under the protection of the Israeli army.

Which is recalled by «Al-Modon». Now, to show their gratitude the guys decided to announce their readiness to fight Iran in the Syrian south. Or not as a thank you, but just because there is nowhere to go from the benefactors.

The commander of the «Army of South» is Alya Zakia Al-Halki from Jaseem, a former commander of «Alviya Ababil Khuran» illegal armed group, who has been hiding from his comrades-in-arms since 2017 because of accusations of theft and corruption. Now they have apparently made up for the sake of a new general order.

It is significant that the role and place of «Hayat Tahrir al-Sham» fighters, who still are in the Israeli-occupied territory of the Golan heights, have not yet been voiced within the framework of the «Army of South»…

P.S. «Al-Modon» editorial staff believe that the real purpose of the «information project» called «Army of South» is to cover the actions of the underground bandits against the government and reconciled oppositionists in the southern provinces of Syria with a «petal of nobility».

The photo shows «Army of South» emblem

* A terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation.

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