The criminals first killed and then burned people in Odessa in broad daylight

The criminals first killed and then burned people in Odessa in broad daylight | Русская весна

The first video features a well-known professional journalist Anatolij Sharij confirming the facts of crimes taking place at the Trade Union Assembly building (Dom Profsojuzov) whereby people were first killed and mutilated, and then burned...

Today Anatolij announced the next material up to be published :

“ i took an interview with an Odessa woman who happenned to survive the disaster. The interview contains a number of exceptionally brutal descriptions which i judge to be ethical to take out, but i will publish as soon as i complete the preparation work.

The clear facts are :

The ultra-right nazis «pravyj sektor» together with people that appeared to be agressively-minded football fans that we term «ultras», entered the Assembly building and proceeded with murders.

They killed males outright at first encounter, They classified females into those they felt like raping first and those they felt like killing immediately since those were not «qualified» to be raped.

Despite my experience covering various disasters as a journalist, i was deeply shocked to learn that in many instances the criminals did not care to use guns, saying to each other: «don't waste the bullets... finish them up with your hands». They beat and relentlessly hit even the dead, running their overkill process despite some women telling them repeatedly that the people they hit are dead and not breathing..

The people hiding initially at the Assembly building did not have a single weapon, no guns.

All murderers were equipped with guns. The interviewed Odessa woman is prepared to repeat everything we recorded at any court, publicly. She is certainly shocked and, fearful and suppressed..

Eyewitnesses like that enable us to learn first hand what happened in that Assembly building, and compare that with an official version that tells us all people suffered from gas poisoning due to plastic etc. materials burning during the fire.

“ Another video is documenting a murder of a woman on the upper floor of the Assembly building.

The video documents the murdering as a slow-going process with the woman hysterically crying for help while some male voices ask to «shut her off so she stops crying».

The video identifies the exact location of the crime scene, and the body.

Yet another piece of documentary shows people jumping out of windows to escape fire, whereby they are met with striking ultras who hit their heads and beat them to death.

The final video documents an interview with another eye-witness who says there were at least 116 people murdered, and majority of the bodies are at 6th kilometer cemetery - relatives were not notified so the bodies are yet to be identified, buried properly etc.


Translation second video (

This is an extract from a longer video recording We can clearly hear a woman's cry for help Some people out in street entice the criminals to "shut her out" some say that this woman no longer qualifies to be treated as a female citizen because they judge her to be of separatist viewpoint The woman is crying for quite a while and then silences After that we can see a ukranian flag protruding from the window of a room where she kept crying ----- a woman is shouting " Heeeeelp !! " same voice with a hysterical high pitch "Heeeeelp !! They're killing meeeee !!!! " masculine voice: "Shut her out so the cries stop" female voice commenting: "Somewhere on upper floors some woman is crying for help Don't know exactly where that is coming from.... hysterically crying for help ... some enticing goes around to let all those in the building be burned alive" masculine voice: "she no longer qualifies as a woman, we judge her to be of a separatist viewpoint" "women are sitting in their homes, this one is no longer a woman" ukranian flag appears in the window supporting voices go 'round ------ (script) there was no fire in this room the room still keeps traces of a fight documented dead pregnant woman - can any human being claim she died due to fire and fire-related gas poisoning ??? inhumane crimes cannot be ignored !!!

Translation fourth video (

Those guys helping to clean dead bodies... we could not help but step on dead bodies as we tried to pass... 116 people died during the day, guys... they (the criminals) were keen to eradicate people... they (the criminals) did all they could to finish-up those that were not dead yet... no, those were not only the gas-powered weapons they used.. noise-paralytics grenade traumatic weapons bomb guns army weapons were also used yes, as they entered the building, they ran their search+destroy missions i witnessed them beat 2 young boys to death outright do you consider that normal and democratic ? are these the means to keep Ukraine an undivided country ? a woman with 2 kids was burned alive on the 2nd floor how many people died - please let the camera record at least 116 people died you are aware that the mass media called us terrorists the ultra-right nazis forced us on the roof they threw explosives and shouted "death to enemies" death to enemies ? people of different opinion - you kill them for their different opinion? they shouted "undivided ukraine" ? who needs an undivided ukraine that is being run this way in broad daylight ? where are the rest of you guys ? children were murdered, women were murdered, the elderly were murdered the ultra-right forced over-kill to those who did not die immediately the interior ministry's forces arrived but did not do anything while the ultra-right were jumping on the dead bodies they actually jumped on the dead bodies... where are the rest of you guys ? the rest - are located at cemetery around 6th kilometer, relatives need to go pick them up. what is your name ? my name is Vanja... you hold on, Vanja...

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