The hand that pulls the trigger: Kolomoisky

The hand that pulls the trigger: Kolomoisky | Русская весна

Recent leaks have probably shed new light on the tragic events in Ukraine. One of them, a taped conversation between Oleg Noginsky (president of the Suppliers Customs Union) and Yakov Epstein, an Israel Honorary Consul in Ukraine, revolves around oligarch Kolomoisky and his involvement into recent massacres in Ukraine.

Noginsky calls Epstein. The conversation starts with the news of a certain Bogdan Shlemkevich (a member of Jewish community) killed in clashes in Mariupol. Allegedly, soon after, oligarch Kolomoisky has called Oleg Tsarev (ex-presidential candidate, who is presently supporting the opposition movement in the East Ukraine), blamed him for the death and threatened that Tsarev and his family will be hanged (with $ 1 mln price tag attached to Tsarev’s head from now on — the tape of conversation has also leaked and is going viral in Internet).

(Kolomoisky is known to be supported by Kiev junta, and has at the moment created a mini-nazi run state within Dnepropetrovsk region, where he was appointed as governor. He has created punitive squads, infamous for being involved in the most ruthless crimes across Ukraine since junta seized power. Further conversation goes on to confirm it.)

Whereas Epstein seems to be shocked and reluctant to believe, Noginsky goes on to say that Kolomoisky not only did call Tsarev, but recently threatened one of the Parliament deputies, Igor Markov, promising to burn the latter in Odessa.

«I think that he has gone totally insane." says Noginsky and then continues: «Besides, it has been confirmed that those guys [the radicals who have burned dozens of people alive in Odessa on May 2]…in Odessa, were hired by him. It’s a fact. And all this terror was just to put Palitsa (governor of Odessa region Igor Palitsa) into governor’s chair. I was also told the same in the headquarters of Yulia Timoshenko Bloc. The whole situation went out of control then. The task was just to beat them [protesters] black and blue, scare the hell out of them and fully destroy the camp.»

Noginsky mentions that Kolomoisky is in Odessa right now trying to establish same rule of terror, as he did in Dnepropetrovsk, and as a part of it 16 survivors of the fire have been already murdered.

Then the conversation goes off to the topic of Jewish community and level of involvement and judgement it should show in these circumstances. Both Noginsky and Epstein express great concern that if information about the new Jewish hitler Kolomoisky leaks out, Jews all over the world will be in great trouble.

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