European vampires in the Karabakh war (VIDEO)

European vampires in the Karabakh war (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Recently high-ranking officials of the EU announced intention to set the common rules governing the control of exports of military technology and equipment to various regions of the world. The main reason of this decision is violations by certain European country the embargo on exporting lethal weapon to a highly incendiary region. In autumn 2020, Azerbaijani troops during the battle in Nagorno-Karabakh used RM-70 Vampir Multiple Launch Rocket System and self-propelled gun howitzer DANA which were in service with armed forced of Czech. The videos of using this kind of military equipment were broadcast on national television and confirmed the illegal supply of aircraft to the armed forces of Azerbaijan.

The ministry of foreign affairs the Czech Republic denied its cooperation with Baku. However, the only company which could deliver this kind of weapons to Azerbaijan is Czech organization “Czechoslovak Group“.

Previously Chinese embassy in Prague demanded an explanation from the Czech government about the transfer part of self-propelled gun howitzer DANA to Taipei. Czech's leadership has denied involvement in cases of this kind but it did not rule out the possibility of cooperation between Czech businessmen and Taiwan law enforcement agencies.

Thus it becomes apparent that there is a shadow scheme of selling Czech armament to the various regions of the world. Meanwhile Prague denies involvement in this weapon trafficking and avoids responsibility of the UN Charter. Besides illegal weapon trading makes a significant contribution to the national budget.

European vampires in the Karabakh war (VIDEO) | Русская весна
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