However, the majority of compatriots has no idea of ​​the scale of this disaster

However, the majority of compatriots has no idea of ​​the scale of this disaster | Русская весна

Demographic crisis that struck the peoples of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus as a result of the first phase of «European integration» — a widely known fact. However, the majority of compatriots has no idea of ​​the scale of this disaster.

According to the 1989 census lived in the USSR 145.2 million Russian, 44.2 million Ukrainians, Belarusians 10.03 million. Given the number of foreign diasporas East Slavic peoples can be estimated as 147 million Russian, 47 million Ukrainians, Belarusians 10.4 million.

In the eighties, our nations grew at a rate of about 0.5% per year. Even with the slow decline in the birth rate in the first decade of the XXI century expected natural growth of 0.2–0.3%, and the increase in terms of life due to the growing capabilities of medicine allowed to retain the growth rate at the current level.

By sufficiently humble forecast expected that in 2014, 25 years after the last census of the Union, the Slavs in the world would be much larger. However, instead of growth we got a deep dip (see table).

World number of East Slavic peoples (million).

                       1989          2014 (forecast)          2014 (actual)         Losses

Ukrainians        47.0          49.5 — 50.3              41.5                      8.2 — 8.8

Russian           147.0        158.0 — 160.0           133.5                    24.5 — 26.5

Belarusians      10.4          11.0 — 11.3              9.4                       1.6 — 1.9

TOTAL:            204.4        218.5 — 221.6          184.4                     34.3 — 37.2

Absolute reduction of 20 million people, and with the missed opportunities of growth reaches thirty-seven million! As a result, the size of demographic losses as a result of the eastern Slavs Square being and integration into the «world community» (actually western colonization) exceeds the monstrous scale loss of the Great Patriotic War. The main factors of the disaster were: a significant increase in mortality, a sharp decline in fertility, and partly assimilated immigrants, especially women who marry foreigners.

Demographic failure threw a Russian population in 1972, Belarusians — in 1969, Ukrainians even further — to 1965. From a national perspective thrown half a century of history.

Currently, the depth of the crisis is gradually relaxed. In 2013, Russia first time in post-reform years to restore the natural population growth. Belarus, which is the ratio of births and deaths during the previous 20 years was the best of the East Slavic countries, too close to the exit of the pit. Worst performance stored in the Ukraine. If in Russia last year recorded an increase in the 0.2 ‰, Belarus minimum wane 1.0 ‰, in the Ukraine excess of deaths over births is 3.5 ‰.

Consolation for the Ukrainians could be just that in most European countries the birth rate is even lower, and the natural growth persists in some places only because of advances in medicine, life-prolonging elderly. However, the extremely low level of fertility, engulfed even Catholic countries such as Italy and Poland, the extinction of Europe is not far off. Conchita Wurst fans do not give birth. Destruction of national traditions and morals — the modern trend of the European Union.

It should be noted that in Ukraine suffer less painful westernization western regions (Volyn, Transcarpathian, Ivano-Frankivsk, Rivne, Ternopil) whose population since 1989 is almost reduced. The heaviest population losses occurred in the Donbass. Population Donetsk region decreased from 5332 to 4343 thousand people in 2862 to Lugansk with 2,239,000 people. No wonder — in addition to common problems typical for the whole Ukraine, Donbass residents experienced a deep depression because of public policy, imposing values ​​alien to them.

P. S. Because we have betrayed Slavic brotherhood and allowed to turn their country into a colony to another world, we lost every sixth compatriot. Wherever you are near five people, remember: next could be even sixth. But it is not. He was killed Kravchuk, Shushkevich, Yeltsin, and their followers.

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