International Yalta Conference "The Global Crisis and Confrontation in Ukraine"

International Yalta Conference "The Global Crisis and Confrontation in Ukraine" | Русская весна

An international conference «The Global Crisis and Confrontation in Ukraine» took place in Yalta, Crimea, on July 6 and 7. The conference assembly voted an appeal in English and Russian languages, addressing the international community and the peoples of the CIS. The conference also set a goal of building and expanding the international solidarity movement and building a social welfare state.

The first block of the conference was devoted to the economic roots of the Ukrainian crisis, which in 2014 rapidly escalated into a civil war. «We must not forget that the global crisis was unusual, it was long — very long," said american economist Jeffrey Sommers.«And if Ukrainian problems went out of control very quickly, they have been prepared slowly and carefully, it started with the artificially created bankruptcy of the middle class in the West " According to the Director of the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements (IGSM) Boris Kagarlitsky, Ukraine became the weak link of European economic chain. This opinion was unanimously shared by other organizers of the forum — representatives of the Center for Coordination and Support «New Russia» and the foundation «Osnovanie.»

European socio-economic crisis of 2008–2014 prepared the ground for the collapse of the regime of Viktor Yanukovych, as well as the rebellion in Novorossiya (New Russia)- the name which the rebel regions have acquired. «Fighting the new Kiev authorities is actually a struggle with the EU, not only in the form of negation of the policy of obliteration of family ties and heterosexuality, but in the form of resisting all antisocial neo-liberal economic policies of the Western elite," said in his report the head of the Center for Economic Research IGSM Vasiliy Koltashov. According to him, the Bandera fascism suits and serves the Washington and Brussels as a tool for suppressing public resistance, it being the main revolutionary force.

Representatives of Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics during debates expressed a warning that an all-out standoff is brewing. " The fifth column in Donetsk was preparing surrender of the city to Ukrainian butchers, they were hampering all initiatives for logistics and defense of the city. But now they’ve been set right. And we will not wave the white flag, as the oligarchs, neonazi politicians and their american bosses wish. We will fight. But we really need international support. We want the people in Europe and beyond to know that we are fighting the new fascism, and we are fighting for freedom, for our land, for our children’s happiness «

During his speech Richard Brenner, the coordinator of the support campaign for Novorossia, said: «It is extremely important for us to know what is going on in Donetsk and Lugansk, what is happening in the territories controlled by the junta. It is important to us, because we are striving to bring the truth to our citizens, change their way of thinking and prepare them for struggle. And we are perfectly aware that we not just help some faraway unknown rebels but we are working together with people of Novorossya for the common cause." According to Roger Ennis, coordinator of the campaign in support of the People’s Republic of Donetsk in Canada, the main present objective is to end the war immediately. «Getting donations and all possible help is also extremely important," he stressed.

Heated discussion went over the much needed reversing of the informational trend. Civil war success lies beyond the front lines, in the support of those who are in the rear — and the enemy’s rear, too. Kiev authorities' new propaganda has become effective as much as their social and economic policies became disastrous. However, the consequences of it may become very painful by autumn, and can help to sober up to those poisoned by the informational smog, living in the pro-Kiev territories. One can’t underestimate here the prospective defeat of the Poroshenko troops near Donetsk, large losses and failure to suppress uprising, over the summer.

The final act of the conference emphasized the international nature of the people’s struggle against fascism in the former Ukraine. «We do not deny the right of people to refer themselves to any nationality, speak Ukrainian, Russian or Hungarian. But Bandera followers, representing regime in Kiev, do not recognize any of these rights. And this doctrine has been inspired by the U.S. and EU which have taken over our lands, « — was the message of many speakers. They pointed out that the liberation struggle of Novorossia is not only Russia, but also Eurasia oriented.

«Nobody needs this Europe, with unemployment, with social states being destructed by eurocrats, with devastated production sphere — neither Russian nor Bulgarians nor the Spanish nor the French, nor the Greeks», — said one of European experts. -" That’s why we share your ideas! That’s why we realize that the enemies of Novorossiya are our enemies, those neo-liberal forces that rob us of our future. " This position got reflected in both documents of the conference. The final aim of the antifascist struggle, it was proclaimed, will be the social republic with strong state-run of economy, welfare and developing industry.

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