Only 3 children (not 80) and no American citizens- lies of Ukrainian media rebutted

Only 3 children (not 80) and no American citizens- lies of Ukrainian media rebutted | Русская весна

Passenger aircraft «Boeing-777» of Malaysian Airlines crashed for an unknown reason while flying over East Ukraine on the route Amsterdam — Kuala — Lumpur. The plane fell from a height of about 10 km, near Donetsk, which is about 50 km from Russian border, killing total of 298 people, including 15 crew members.

Among the passengers were citizens of the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, UK, Belgium, Indonesia, the Philippines and Canada.

Yesterday Ukrainian media, trying to make the tragedy a part of their propaganda manipulations claimed that one fourth of the passengers were children, which is about 80 children from different countries which ostensibly were flying for summer vacations with their parents.

Press Service of Malaysia Airlines reported that only 3 children were flying on-board Boeing 777 that crashed July 17 in ​​the Donetsk People’s Republic, near town Torez. 2 children were citizens of Malaysia, one child was from Indonesia.

Ukrainian media also reported that the plane had 23 U.S. citizen.

The biggest casualty numbers are among citizens of the Netherlands. It is known that on July 17 at 16:20 all communication had been lost with the plane, which was flying «Amsterdam — Kuala Lumpur» route. Malaysia Airlines also confirmed that the plane did signal any distress.

The airlines provided an updated list of passengers according to nationality:

Netherlands — 154

Malaysia — 43 (including 15 crew members and 2 children)

Australia — 27

Indonesia — 12 (including 1 child)

United Kingdom — 9

Germany — 4

Belgium — 4

Philippines — 3

Canada — 1

Citizenship being identified — 41

Together — 298

Количество просмотров: 3