"For three weeks the Ukrainian army has lost half of its artillery, and its air force is practically gone," says a source in the Defense Ministry of Ukraine

"For three weeks the Ukrainian army has lost half of its artillery, and its air force is practically gone," says a source in the Defense Ministry of Ukraine | Русская весна

Today, August 21, the media published an article about the catastrophic losses of the Ukrainian army during the last three weeks.

To check the reliability of the information source is not possible, but the facts themselves mostly confirmed  also from Kyev junta's side.

So, for example, information about the huge losses of helicopters and planes today was summarized in the analytical material on Ukrainian TSN channel.

Poroshenko recently stated "changing tactics" approach in conducting mode of "ATO". He said it while meeting with security forces commanders on August, 18,.

As the unidentified source from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence resumed, this change shall take place due to the losses,  other reasons are not worth of consideration.

In his words, "the offensive of our troops under the Donetsk and Lughansk has actually stopped. The calculation was about successful using of long-range artillery in order to clear the bridgehead for our troops to capture suburbs of Donetsk and Lughansk. But now you can say it failed".

"Separatists in the last three weeks have knocked out more than half of our tube and rocket artillery. Specifically speaking since the beginning of operations we lost more than 200 artillery guns and rocket systems "Grad" and "Hurricane". But the worst thing is that about a third of them fall into the hands of separatists. During the retreat of our troops they [the militia of Donbass-Novorossia] pull out all that can shoot in the controlled area and then used against our troops. I'm not talking about vehicles: tanks, IFVs and APCS, which according to a recent report from the staff of the ATO we have already lost more than 500 units. To compensate for these losses, we are forced today to withdraw from the conservation on the storage technique of the third and fourth categories. This means that it was stored for 30-40 years. Its condition, to say the least, unsatisfactory: optical sights stolen, engines start at best one of the three or four-wire half-rotted... Our fabrics certainly help as we can, but they are not omnipotent, spare parts should be ordered in Russia".

Thus, according to a source in Kyev, the catastrophic situation is also with the air forces.

"There was so little able to fly. And now, after loosing in the ATO almost everything that flew - 32 aircraft and helicopters, we can say that the Ukrainian air force doesn't exist any more. There are no funds to restore it, or specialists, who are willing to do it, and spare parts are now nowhere to take for obvious reasons. Therefore, without a proper fire support our troops stood up. Not only ordinary soldiers, but the officers too refused to lead their troops on the firing point. If you had previously to raise men to the attack with calls, now only threats are effective. That's the whole "change of tactics" like it is".

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