Dissapointed Ukraine: one year after Maydan

Dissapointed Ukraine: one year after Maydan | Русская весна

The majority of the survey respondents (88%) see the situation in the country as a disaster.

A public-opinion survey conducted at the end of November in Ukraine shows that two-third of Ukrainians are dissatisfied with their living standards. Most Ukrainians experiencing negative emotions as fear (22%), anxiety (54%), confusion (18%), pessimism (about 11%).

It should be noted that feelings of fear have intensified and grown by about 8% since June as the majority of the Ukrainians (88%) have a realistic view of the economic situation: this situation is downright dire. Only 11% of Ukrainians consider the situation normal.

The survey findings also indicate that 80% of the respondents believe that the political situation is fragile.

Indeed there is nothing for Ukrainians to rejoice at. According to Ukrainian Prime Minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, GDP may decline by 7%, inflation forecast is 19%, the budget deficit forecast is 68%. "We have also lost 20% of currency earnings", said Yatsenyuk. However he acknowledged that the economic situation was much worse than it had been 9 month ago.

Nevertheless the Ukrainians are still being deluded into false hopes by the government's meaningless promises of "happy life in the EU".

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