More than 80 people died from hunger in Donbas

More than 80 people died from hunger in Donbas  | Русская весна

Kyiv District Administrative Court postponed a decision on restoration of payments of pensions and other social benefits for civilians of war-torn Donbas region until the end of January next year.

«According to lawsuit against the Cabinet of Ministers should be reviewed within a month. But, despite the fact that millions of people in the conflict zone depend on this decision, the court postponed the review of the suit until January 29. This civil suit was joined and supported by hundreds of pensioners, veterans, Chernobyl liquidators across Ukraine.

Judge showed especial cynicism by congratulating everyone with the upcoming New Year celebration. It was done at the time when his decision affected the lives of millions of people, whether they will perish of hunger or not in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions»- said one of the opposition leaders Alexander Vilkul.

Official Kiev does not confirm information about the facts of starvation in the Donbas. But according to local residents and volunteers the population is in a dire situation. It is reported by German media company Deutsche Welle (DW).

Social structures are destroyed. Salaries, pensions and social benefits on the territory uncontrolled by Kiev government were not paid for several months. Attempts to organize financial assistance from a new government for multimillion Donbas residents did not significantly improve social tensions. Particularly difficult situation is in small towns and villages. An ongoing hostility despite Minsk agreement further complicates the delivery of humanitarian aid to civilians.

The anti-crisis media center AKMTS (coordinating headquarter is located in Dnepropetrovsk) reports the death toll of at least 80 people from hunger by December 19. They base their information on the reports of the organizers of the soup kitchens for the poor in Donbass. Cases of death from hunger were recorded in Krasnopartizansk, Snezhnoe and Kirov.

People waiting for humanitarian aid. It is frosty in Donetsk right now.

The extent of the humanitarian catastrophe is extremely difficult to determine accurately according to Deutsche Welle representatives of the Ukrainian authorities in Donetsk region, which is now housed in Kramatorsk. Volunteers shared their personal impression with the representative of Deutsche Welle. «According to our data, three- quarters of the population of small towns of Donbass experience acute shortage of food» said Natalia Kirkach, the coordinator of the volunteer organization «The Slavic Heart».

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