Ukraine shuts down railway traffic to Crimea (VIDEO)

Ukraine shuts down railway traffic to Crimea (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Railway traffic to Crimea from both Ukraine and Russia was stopped on Saturday.

„Since December 28 all the trains from Ukraine and Russia will be cancelled. This also concerns freight traffic“, say Ukrainian railway officials. Kiev underlined this was a temporary measure. There are though no obvious reasons for such traffic cut but no explanations followed.

What's behind this? How can one come to Crimea after trains ban?

On the video below you can see people walking with baggage and children. They have no other options: both trains and buses are banned by Ukrainian goverment decision.

First you come to Novoalekseyevka railway station - now it's railway destination point, here you can get a taxi but the prices have been jacked up so it's almost unaffordable for the vast majority. It is 25 km to Ukrainian border control check point - Chongar.

At the checkpoint there are long lines of people waiting to fill in the necessary passing documents. Checkpoint is not adapted for waiting: there are no rooms, people wait just outside in the rain and piercing winter sea wind. There are no waiting roms, tables, drinking water and WC.

Then people walk through midground about 5 km to get to Russian border control point. More lines, more waiting, more rough weather.

Do you still think Ukraine is united and integral?

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