Nazi torchlight procession in Kiev (VIDEO)

Nazi torchlight procession in Kiev (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Torch-lit march in the center of Kiev: over ten thousand far-right extremists flooded central streets of Kiev including infamous Maydan in honour of Stephan Bandera's birthday anniversary.

Stephan Bandera is controversial character in Ukrainian history especially in terms of ongoing war. In World War II Bandera and his adherents fought on Hitler's side. This makes him absolutely unacceptable for the people of eastern Ukraine, people of Donbass.

So it makes Nazi-problem of Ukraine exremely distinct: there are many of ideologically engaged adherents of Bandera and Hitler in the battlefields of Donbass now (see screenshots below).

Many members of far-right nationalistic party "Svoboda" see Russia as an enemy now. That is why one can hear anti-russian appeals and battle-cries today in the streets of Kiev. That is why one can see burning torches in XXI century in the capital city of the country longing for EU membership.

Two russian journalists (Lifenews) were injured during torch-light march. The camera is brocken, Aleksandra Ulyanowa and her camerawoman Zhanna Karpenko both have bodily injuries.

Nazi-soldiers in the battlefields of Eastern Ukraine:


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