Merry christmas: Children of Donbass (VIDEO)

Merry christmas: Children of Donbass (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Children of Donetsk and Luganks regions have spent 9 months under attacks and shelling. Most of them had to live in basements and shelters, they were deprived of this summer, they are never going to be carefree again. They are children of war.

Ukraine's punitive operation for those kid's parents' political views lasts 9 months.

Russia has sent 10th humanitarian convoy of 180 trucks just before Christmas. People from all over Russia were raising money for Christmas presents for Donbass children.

When Ukrainian and Western media say it's Russian agression in the East of Ukraine the only thing one should remember is that Russia is the only part helping  civilians in Donbass. Were it not for Russian humanitarian help most of Donbass kids, the disabled and the aged would be dead by now.

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