Every third Ukrainian approves extermination of corruptionists

Every third Ukrainian approves extermination of corruptionists | Русская весна

Corruption in Ukraine after Euromaydan either remained unchanged or increased - say poll results taken by Kiev International Sociology Institute.

47,3% of the Ukrainians think that corruption level remained the same. 31,8% belive it has risen. Only 5% felt corruption pressure decrease.

If death penalty retrieval as a required reform was supported only 5% of the pollees then when the same people had been asked about corruptionists execution support rocketed.

Every third Ukrainian citizen thinks the the best way to fight corruption is “like they do it in China - to shoot”.

The most radical opinions are found in Nikolayevskaya and Chernovitskaya regions as well as in Donbass where poll has been taken on Kiev-controlled territory.

Most of the bloodthirsty live in the central part of Ukraine. Here only 13,4% strongly turn down an idea of execution for corruption.

In course of research 3035 Ukrainian adults were surveyed in 179 towns and cities of the country. Statistical discrepancy does not exceed 1,8%.

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