46 y.o. man from Queensland arrested by Ukrainian border troops in conflict zone

46 y.o.  man from Queensland arrested by Ukrainian border troops in conflict zone | Русская весна

As announced by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine on January 7, 2015, Ukrainian border guards detained 46 yearold Australian citizen Demijan Doroschenko. Mr Doroschenko was detained at the checkpoint «Georgievka», on the border of territory controlled by the Donetsk Peoples Republic. During personal search border guards found ten 7.62mm bullets, two knives, a bulletproof vest and media accreditation.Thas was enough to get arrested.

Doroschenko first arrived in Donetsk in July 2014 to cover events related to the crash of MH17 and was immediately issued with Donestk People’s Republic Press ID. His initial reports for western media demonstrated anti-Russian ideology. In his writings he spread unverified information on Russian involvement in the downing of MH17, and asserted that “Donetsk militia looted property of the deceased passengers».

When Ukrainian border guard announced that they had arrested an Australian citizen, the Australian Department of the Zabaikal Cossacks promptly contacted DPR Foreign Ministry. After learning the name of the detained journalist, they alerted the Australian government and the media. It is because of the actions of the Zabaikal Cossacks that Australian authorities have been forced to take action, as Doroschenko has no known relatives in Australia and the mainstream Ukrainian community have distanced himself from him.

To date, the Australian media has chosen its words carefully when reporting on the situation. With sweeping new anti-terrorism laws recently announced targeting so-called foreign fighters and those who return to Australia from conflict zones, the fact that the Ukrainian border guards themselves claim that Doroschenko was carrying ammunition and returning from Donetsk where there is currently a civil war could implicate him in the new terror laws. However, more than sixty news agencies of Ukraine and many pro-western media agencies have already boasted that an «Australian terrorist from the Donetsk rebels» was detained by Ukrainian forces. It will be interesting to watch them swallowing the bitter pill of truth when they discover that «the Australian terrorist from the Donetsk rebels» was in fact a pro-western «Maidan Ukrainian».

The Ukrainian government has already fallen under sharp criticism by organisations worldwide for the arrest of Doroschenko. Notwithstanding Doroschenko’s obvious hostility to Donesk People’s Republic, its Foreign Ministry publicly condemned the detention, stating their support for journalistic freedoms, regardless of the attitudes, beliefs and political orientation.

We wonder what is the reaction of Ukraine after they realise that they have arrested one of their own?

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