Military situation report: Donetsk on fire again (VIDEO)

Military situation report: Donetsk on fire again (VIDEO) | Русская весна

The last three days were particularly hard for Donetsk, it is shaken with quakers.

Ukrainian military forces keep shelling Donetsk from Tonyenkoye and Opytnoye communities. Earlier it was shelled from three directions: nothern, north-western and south-western.

Enemy's tube and rocket artillery hit Kiyevsky, Kuybishevsky and Petrovsky city districts. 

Private flats fires are constantly reported, widespread disruption of private housing is being observed, gas and water pipes, electrical substations are damaged. There is number of injured civilians.

Shelling of the city is unceasing. That seems to be the reason for Novorossiya militia to bring back artillery to the initial positions after it's been withdrawn at the very end of 2014. Neutralization counterfire was opened. 

The artillery was withdrawn under Minsk ceasefire agreements. 

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