Gorlovka under fire for six hours

Gorlovka under fire for six hours | Русская весна

Gorlovka militia unit reports severe six hours long shelling of the town and the suburbs with multiple rocket launching systems M1983 and M1977 (HURRICANE and SMERCH)​. 

«Shelling continues. Six hours of constant hits with M1977 and M1983 ("Hurricane" and "Smerch"), some civilians report fires in different parts of the town, multiple cuts of electricity and central heating, people are freezing.

Small arms are heard, the Ukrainians are trying to battle through into Gorlovka. But we are holding, some our guys are standing in fighting holes with frostbitten feet but none of the fascists is reaching the town.

There are many injured and wounded among civilians. It's hard to verify now when the fire is still on. We are shelled from the side of Artyomovsk and Dzerzhinsk.

The Ukrainian forces use new types of armaments, presents from President Poroshenko. The shelling continues, everybody in the shelters, it's very cold, children are crying, but if you want to survive stay in the shelter».


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