Kiev blocks food supplies to Donbass

Kiev blocks food supplies to Donbass | Русская весна

Deputy Head of DPR Parliament Denis Pushilin said that Kiev authorities continue blocking food supplies to Donbass. 

On Monday February 23 he said: "There are substantial troubles with food in Republic which  breaks Minsk agreement provisions. Up to today despite our repeated appeals to OSCE rep Heidi Tagliavini Ukraine completely blocks all food supplies to our territory.

Food retailers and the companies just cannot deliver their goods. They are simply detained at Ukrainian checkpoints.

Shelves at Donetsk supermarkets have really become emptier. Sanitary goods have almost completely dissappeared or there are only high-priced sector goods left, for example, washing powder at a price of 500 UAH which is very expensive even for pre-war price standards. It's conected with the fact that vendors have to bribe the soldiers at the checkpoints at Ukrainian side, they have to pay huge amounts for cargoes to be admitted.  

Just imagine: ton of Azov sculpin fish costs now UAH 10000 ($400), before that we fed our cats with that fish now it's almost luxurious."

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