Assault on Givi - "Somalia" batallion commander in Makeyevka (VIDEO)

Assault on Givi - "Somalia" batallion commander in Makeyevka (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Today in Makeyevka the unknown shot the car belonging to "Somalia" batallion commander Mikhail Tolstykh better known under his nom-de-guerre Givi.

Not less than 12 bullets of 5,45×39 mm caliber were shot at silver KIA car. According to commander's words he was saved because he manages to jump out of the running car.

The assault was made in the afternoon when the commander amde his way from Makeyevka to militia positions. Givi's car was outraced by dark-blue VAZ automobile and began 21099 to brake hard. The unknown had opened fire and Givi told he was saved only by his reaction speed.

"I managed to jump out and the car went forth on its own. There were 12 holes in the car. They were in the back door, windows, the engine was also hit. I saw the assaulting car, opened fire but they took off to the byroad and were gone", — told the commander and added that the rare light was also hit and damaged.

Givi does not consider this case as an assault and reminds that he and the other militia commanders are shot at everyday so it's not the reason for appointing bodyguards or some armed car support. "I do not have any guards because I've got nobody to be scared of - I am on my own land. Everybody tells that it's time to think of bodyguards but we are not some VIPs to be guarded", — said the famous commander.

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