Poroshenko reveales a secret of energy independence to Erdogan

Poroshenko reveales a secret of energy independence to Erdogan | Русская весна

After meeting with Recep Tayyip Erdogan Petr Poroshenko told what advice he gave to his Turkish colleague.

In particular Petr Poroshenko warned Turkey from "Turkish Stream" building.

"We discussed a possibility of Ukrainian companies and producers participation in TANAP gas pipeline construction. I turned president's attention to possible risks associated with "Turkish Stream" construction and additional possibilities for gas reverse supplies from Europe" — he said.

Poroshenko basically offered Turkey to buy Russian gas not directly from Russia but after the whole chain of the European intermediaries. Poroshenko also underlined that "both contries are interested in international gas transportation projects implementation, in particular, in the sphere of gas supplies from Caspian shelf and Central Asia" and tuned into experience excahnge in the sphere of subsurface gas reservoirs construction, as well as they are interested in further discussing of gas storage conditions at Ukrainain subsurface reservoirs.

Amid Poroshenko's positive rhetoric Turkey confirmed its flat refusal to pass gas carriers for Ukraine through Bosphorus.

Ankara's position was enounced by Turkish ambassador in Kiev Yonet Tezel. According to him Turkey's primary concern is securitiy issues: traffic in Bosphorus and Dardanelles is heavy loaded. Mr. Tezel explained that one should remember Instanbul being heavy populated city and LNG-tankers being much bigger than oil tankers. "In case of some accident which has already happened before consequences for Instanbul would be devastation". The ambassador assured than any other government would receive the same refusal.

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