Russia, US should meet on Elbe for 70th commemoration — The Washington Times

Russia, US should meet on Elbe for 70th commemoration — The Washington Times | Русская весна

The 70th anniversary of the link-up at the German Elbe River in last days of World War II should be commemorated this year in spite of the existing split, Retired U.S. Army Brigadier General Peter Zwack wrote in an article published by the Washington Times.

"There will be almost no World War II veterans left from any side to meet for a 75th or 80th commemoration," said Zwack, who served as the U.S. attache to Russia in 2012 to 2014. "Even with so little time left to organize, we should modestly commemorate the U.S.-Soviet link-up at [the German city of] Torgau for them and the memory of their peers."

Military leaders from Russia and the United States should attend such a commemoration, he is certain.

At the same time, "our nations should provide the funding, travel and medics to help volunteering veterans, some barely ambulatory, to attend such a defining event in Germany," Zwack said.

"We should also do this to assure future generations that we did all we could to ease the world back from a deceptively dangerous spiral that potentially poses an existential threat to us all," he said.

Servicemen of the Soviet and American allied forces met in Torgau, 140 kilometres south of Berlin, at 16.00 local time, on April 25, 1945. Allies joined hands on the eastern bank of the Elbe River, climbing metal pillars of the blown-up bridge.

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