Vandals smash Zhukov memorial plaque in Kiev

Vandals smash Zhukov memorial plaque in Kiev | Русская весна

A memorial plaque installed in the Ukrainian capital Kiev in honor of legendary Soviet military commander, WWII hero Marshal Georgy Zhukov has been broken by a group of vandals, the press service of the Kiev Interior Ministry Department said.

"On Saturday, young people wearing masks smashed a memorial plaque in honor of Marshal Georgy Zhukov. All participants in the incident were taken to the district police department," the press service report says.

"The group comprises residents of Kiev and the Kiev region. They are students aged between 14 and 18." In all, 14 people were detained, Ukraine’s Interior Ministry said. Meanwhile, Verkhovna Rada’s deputy from the Ukraine’s Radical Party Igor Moseychuk famous for his involvement in several scandals interfered with the work of the law enforcers.

The lawmaker wrote about this on the Facebook page. "Police detained activists. I had to lecture the cops on de-communization," he wrote, calling Zhukov a "Ukrainophobe".

On May 15, Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko signed a package of laws on "de-communization," among which is a law denouncing the Communist and national-socialist totalitarian regimes in Ukraine and a ban on the propaganda of their symbols, and also the laws "On the access to the archives of the repressive bodies of the Communist totalitarian regime of 1917-1991" and "On the legal status and memory of fighters for Ukraine’s independence in the 20th century." "The documents prohibit the use of the Soviet symbols, denounce the Communist regime, open the archives of the Soviet intelligence agencies and declare the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and other organizations fighters for Ukraine’s independence," Poroshenko’s press service said.

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