Foreign mercenaries spotted in Donbass - DPR

Foreign mercenaries spotted in Donbass - DPR | Русская весна

More than 40 mercenaries arrived in Mariupol. Some of them explicitly wearing USA chevrons according to Eduard Basurin, deputy head of DPR Defence Ministry.

— A group of more than 40 persons arrived in Mariupol. Some of them wearing USA patches on their uniforms. At first we assumed they were just military instructors but then tthey turned out to be private military company mercenaries which did not hide the fact, Basurin told.

According to intelligence data three black people spotted among them. Basurin also tells that the foreign private military companies' involvement in Ukrainian conflict is not a secret for a long time.

— They fight on the enemy’s side and they do it quite well. They are miltary professionals, who kill people for living. Basurin said that foreigned mercenaries involvement had been registered during summer campaign and that the mercenaries were the first to be evacuated so they not to be caught. He also told that there were cases when private soldiers were burnt alive not to leave proofs of foreign military presence.

— After Debaltsevo opeartion we’ve found indirect evidence of PMC presence and identity, we also have intelligence data on certain private groups along all the battle line: snipers, special forces etc.

It is to be reminded that in the very beginning of 2015 English-speaking mercenaries were caught on a Ukrainian TV channel’s camera in Mariupol. The man with AZOV battallion patch on the shoulder covered his face and demanded to put the camera away. Russian LifeNews TV channel discovered British mercenary’s name later.

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