Military report June 8, 2015

Military report June 8, 2015 | Русская весна

Kiev's started to roughly use heavy artillery and multiple rocket launchers. Heavy artillery fire has been shelling the settlement Starobeshevo since 12:50 local time.

Meanwhile, Oktyabrskiy and Tekstilshik districts of Donetsk were shelled.

Citizens of Konstantinovka report that Ukrainian militants use self-propelled artillery guns and automatic grenade launchers.

In Maryinka Novorossian warriors have been executing anti-artilelry fire in order to stop advance of pro-Kiev militants and NATO military advisers. Ukrainian side has been using battle-tanks there. Crossroad on Krosnogorovka is still controlled by warriors of DPR. There are sporadic firefights in the sector of Peski. Also, Shirokino, Sahanka, Gorlovka have been already shelled many times since weekend. 

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