UKR-TV: there should be concentration camps in Donbass

UKR-TV: there should be concentration camps in Donbass | Русская весна

Dmytro Korchinskiy, founder and leader of far-right supremacist party UNA-UNSO, journalist and TV presenter urged for the establishment of concentration camps for the residents of Donbass in a live broadcast on "112 Ukraine" TV channel, June 17.

According to him, the Ukrainian army should behave like the Americans during World War II - bomb residential neighborhoods and organize concentration camps for the Russians.

"Our teachers of democracy are the Americans. During the Second World War America maintained all democratic institutions, elections, and so forth, but nevertheless several million American citizens of Japanese origin were deported to concentration camps because of war, because they threatened national security.

The United States, maintaining democratic standards and high level of humanism in their country, carried out a nuclear strike on Japan, bombed residential neighborhoods in Germany. 80% of cities were bombed by American aviation, the doctrine was to bomb residential neighborhoods in order to demoralize German soldiers.

Ukraine must have the widest level of freedoms, we have little freedom, we need more freedom, but in the frontal zones and on the occupied territories, we must act like the Americans. If we can't regain the territory, it must become uninhabitable. If it can't be ours then i won't belong to anybody," - said Korchinsky.

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