USA airforce deliberately shell Syrian civilian objects

USA airforce deliberately shell Syrian civilian objects  | Русская весна

October 18 2015 Syrian Arab Army spread informational message saying that Oct. 17 2015 electronic signal monitoring detected Surian airspace violation by the four NATO planes from Turkish side.

They launched bombing attack on Mareaa, Tel-Shayr, Al-Bab and Rayan (Aleppo province). Local power plant was shelled in Rayan. This power plant provides Aleppo with electricity. October 10 2015 USA airforce have already hit that object which destroyed transformer box and left most part of Aleppo without electricity.

It is worth mentioning that spotting and videorecording of the airstrikes on civilian objects in Aleppo district was made by American MQ-1 °C Grey Eagle drone. So NATO airstrikes were deliberately launched on civilian infrastructure objects, not terrorists’ objects.

That is not the first time when coalition airforce strike civilian infrastructure. Here we instantly remember Afganistan «Doctors without borders» hospital demolition, which caused massive public outcry around the world. Then at least 24 people died and tens were injured as a result of American air attack. Syrian hospitals, schools and mosques were repeatedly hit by foreign airforce.

Regarding that NATO air activity was recorded by drone it is probably worth asking those records from American Defense Ministry as it is done by Moscow.

Safar Julani, war reporter, exclusively for Russian Spring

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