17 terrorists trying to desert from Russian airstrikes to Jordan captured and executed by their fellows — Syrian reporter

17 terrorists trying to desert from Russian airstrikes to Jordan captured and executed by their fellows — Syrian reporter | Русская весна

Airstrikes launched by the Russian airborne at terrorists' positions in Syrian Arab Republic resulted in numerous losses among the terrorists, weaponry and vehicles demolition, destruction of improvised explosive devices and missiles factories.

Besides lack of adequate response to Russian airborne actions has resulted in substantial combat degradation among terrorists. It has been already reported about desertion among "Jabhat an-Nusra", "Free Syrian Army" and ISIS, cease of combat actions against governmental forces and attempts to leave through Turkish border.

Turkey however still being not so eager to accept everyone.

Inadequacy of terrorist leaders' response is brightly demonstrated by their attempt to down Russian war planes with the help of helium filled condoms. Or resorting to HMGs designed for hitting targets at a height of 2000–3000 m. to fight the aviation working at heights like 3000–5000 m. All the attempts end up with zero results except for that "erotic" propaganda video.

Having faced the desertion, combat orders denial and attempts to ground arms terror group heads passed from religious prpaganda and palm-greasing to scaremongering and terror aimed at their own fighters.

It is worth meantioning that terror groups heads are mostly foreigners and common fighters are recruited from local residents.

Just like that seventeen "Al-Guraba" fighters tried to leave the group and escape to Jordan but were captured on the border and then executed in public. Video record of that execution was spread among "Jayish al-Islam" terrorists currently fighting near Damascus and being referred to as «moderate opposition» by the Western media.

Western media tend to call groups like these "Free Syrian Army" not exposing the fact that «"abhat an-Nusra" terrorists act as a part of "Jayish al-Islam" and the guys do not shun measures like killing the discontended and weak spirited among the mobilized local civilians.

Measures like that could maintain combat readiness for some time among the terror groups but sooner or later it will lead to ultimate loss of control over "moderate oppsitiion" projects by their foreign tutors.

Safar Julani, war reporter, Syria, exclusively for «Russian Spring».

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