NATO is secretly arming terrorists

NATO is secretly arming terrorists | Русская весна

«Russian Spring» source among the Kurdish defence forces has imparted highly important informartion on weapon supplies channels to ISIS terrorists.

According to reconaissance data provided by Syrian Kurds’ forces operating in Turkey cross border regions NATO command launched secret weapons dispatch operation from Bulgary to Turkey aimed at arming not only the so called «moderate Syrian opposition» but also ISIS itself*.

Turkih sources told the Kurdish defence forces that several transpost conoys with munition, small arms, spare parts for artillery pieces  have arrived  to Turkey from Bulgaryover the period since September till begin of October. So far it is known for certain that among those weapons there are heavy machine guns DSHK, AK047 assault rifles and service ammunition for them, missiles for «GRAD» MRLS. All weaponry is produced and dispatched from Bulgarian plants in Sopot and Kazanlyk where the Bulgarians have been producing weaponry under Soviet license. 

The orders are paid for by USAF European command through umbrella companies.

The freights were coming to Syria through border control points Reihanly and Jarabulus under convoy of private security companies with Turkish and German car lisence numbers. This usually happened during night time to escape excessive attention.

In Turkey weapons were either transferred directly to terrorists training camps in small parties or  to nothern areas of Syria controlled by Jabhat an-Nusra, FSA or ISIS. 

The information concerning NATO weapon deliveries to terrorists are indirectly confirmed by the Syrian military. During recent offensives Syrian Arab Army soldiers have found suspiciously new Soviet weapons at the killed terrorists.

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