War report by "Timur": terrorists are preparing to attack near Palmira, suicide bombers are being trained to penetrate SAA defence

War report by "Timur": terrorists are preparing to attack near Palmira, suicide bombers are being trained to penetrate SAA defence | Русская весна

The latest information from Syria is reported by Ukrainian citizen, Donbass born militia fighter with nom-de-guerre "Timur". He is fighting in Syria on the side of Kurdish militia now.

Syria review as of December 8–9 2015

The situation is remaining tense. Terrorists have become more active, they are trying to attack governmental forces, some attack attempts are being successful. 

In the North the terrorists are still showing stubborn resistance in Halabia, Mamlabat al-Jabbul, Ayn al-Jamaja districts, they are even trying to attack governmental forces. 

Near Aleppo illegal amed groups have made a counterattack attempt in Banias and Dlama areas (approx. 30 km to the South-East and South of Aleppo), but with no visible success. 

The govermental forces in Aleppo governorate have been recruiting and organizing self-defence brigades to control the liberated territories. Hamide, Abtin, Sfira and several other residential areas are under control now. About 50 terrorist fighters supported by one tank and several vehicles have attacked frontline of the Syrian governmental positions in Hay ash-Sheikh-Maqsud district but the military supported by militia group have repelled this attack. 

Terrrorists are about to attack near Palmira and recruiting assault groups in Kafer-Zayta for counterattacks

As a result of an airstrike on command centre in Tell-Sukayk "Ahrar ash-Sham" illegal armed group was destroyed; the group was leaded by Abu Mahmud responsible for sabotage and reconnaissance force training. 

In Kafer-Zayta "Jabhat an-Nusra"** is hastily organizing strike assault groups for attacking the most dangerous directions and counterattacking. 

The terrorists are preparing suicide bombers for attacking govermental checkpoints in all directions.

About 80 terrorist fighters riding six vehicles armed with heavy machine guns have seized governmetal forces' positions 70–80 km to the South of Homs, having established control over dominant heights. 

Illegal armed groups are preparing to attack near Palmira. There is information about tanks and machine guns carriers redeployment there.

Liberated Homs

It is remarkable that in Syria under the auspices of National Reconciliation Ministry and under UNO and SARC* supervision the national reconciliation process has began. Its first stage has started in Homs. December 9 300 terrorist fighters with their families who did not want to participate in peace process left the city and were transferred to Idlib by buses under prior agreement.

They left heavy and medium weapons, leaving with small arms only. Those who agreed with peace conditions stayed in Homs. It's supposed that the process will be spread over to other provinces. The terrorists will leave and the civilians will stay and go back to normal life. Governmental and municipal authorites will resume their work on the liberated territories.

«Timur», exclusively for «Russian Spring».

* Syrian Arab Red Crescent

** terrorist organization banned in Russian Federation

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