Connection between Turkish officers and ISIS confirmed in report for Norvegian Foreign Office (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Connection between Turkish officers and ISIS confirmed in report for Norvegian Foreign Office (PHOTOS, VIDEO) | Русская весна

«Russian Spring» continues its investigation on connections between the Turkish officials and ISIS* terror group. Last year Turkey Prosecution Office has investigated the case of six Turkish citizens gone missing, their relatives assumed they may have joined ISIS.

In course of investigation Prosecution Office gained profound evidence (including telephone conversations records) of the connection between at least 19 Turkish officers with ISIS representatives in Syria and Iraq.


As soon as it has transpired that the Turkish miliary is involved, investigation files have immediately been transferred to National Military Prosecution Office and classified and the Turkish media have quickly «forgotten» such «minor incident». However certain information has nevertheless leaked out into media.

Turkish edition «Today's Zaman» published part of the report which says that Elbeyli region in Kilis province is oftern used for transfer of those who joined ISIS to Syrian territory. Organizational and technical support of such transfers is performed by the Turkish military.

Veto which was imposed on this topic by the Turkish auhorities is quite explainable as it gets harder and harder to conceal their connections with ISIS. Even Ankara’s NATO partners have pointed it out more than once recently.

The Norvegian media, in particular Klassekampen edition has published excerpts from the report prepared on demand of Norwegian Foreign Office by «Ristad Energy» company (the largest international think tank specializing in gathering and analyzing information in oil and gas field).

«Ristad Energy» report says that the Turkish authorities purchase oil on Syrian and Iraqi territories controlled by ISIS at well below market prices (the report indicates prices starting from 25 USD per barrel) and then smuggle it into Turkey. The report authors have directly pointed out the «corrupted border officials» role in interaction with ISIS fighters.

Amid such a row of facts pointing to Turkish officials and ISIS cooperation backed by material evidence it looks especially amusing how Turkish media are trying to catch on mere assertions made by one of FSA** generals about some mythical connections between the Russian military officials and ISIS fighters.

It is to be reminded that «Russian Spring» has already reported that those accusations against Russian military officers from the side of Chief of FSA General Staff Khaleed Ahmed Birri are not backed by any evidence — e.g. telephone conversations audiorecords, however this was not an obstacle for the Turkish and the Ukrainian media for spreading them as reliable information.

It is obvious that anti-Russian propaganda goes on working with the «tried and true» scenario: to distort facts, to conceal actual state of things and to blame Russia for all deadly sins. And the fact that Russian-ISIS connections fake appeared just simultaneously with proven (!) facts of Turkish border officials and ISIS terrorists cooperation allows us to assume that one of the priorities was to deflect world’s attention from the revealed tawdry tale about Turkish officers.

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