Turkish trucks delivered war to Aleppo

Turkish trucks delivered war to Aleppo | Русская весна

According to the last information from Aleppo, Syria, approximately 1 000 antigovernment insurgents attacked yesterday positions of the Syrian National Forces in the area of Khan-Tuman, south-west the city of Aleppo.

Armed groups were united under the command of the so called Jeish al-Fath (Victorious Army), Sheikh Abdullah al-Muhaisini (Jebghat an-Nusra) and Abu Saleh Tuhan (Akhrar al-Sham). They also include foreign members of Jund al-Aksa and Islamic Legion of Turkestan.

During the previous day these groups had success in taking their control over such villages as Halsa, Qarassi, Khumaira and a number of heights. But then they were stopped by the Syrian Army, militia and aviation.

At this morning armed groups from the Ansari district, whom the US State Department previously has declared to be «moderate», attacked Syria’s Army positions in the area of Buraij and An-Nasr district. Now insurgents are trying to block pro-government units at the territory of a military training camp and to pass towards the M5 international highway.

At the same time Jebghat an-Nusra and Turkish militia yesterday had knocked the Syrian Government units from two villages in the mountains of the Northern Lathakia, namely Khashkhasha and Karagez.

From the north of Aleppo the information is coming that mentioned above Jebghat an-Nusra and Akhrar al-Sham are concentrating their forces to attack Kurdish Sheikh-Maksoud district and the district of Khandrat, keeping by the Syrian Army. Insurgents are well equipped, trained, have tanks and heavy armored vehicles. All that may be linked to the information about a big amount of trucks from Turkey which crossed the Syrian border in areas occupied by the opposition and directed to the regions of Aleppo and Idlib. These caravans were fixed by Russian drones.

Another subject of interest is the fact that ammunition dropped by the US helicopters to the Syrian Free Army units near Mareaa town (north-west of Aleppo) was then granted to the ISIS. Supported by Turkey rebel groups in Mareaa preferred to arrange an agreement with DAESH in order to combine their efforts against Kurdish offensive from Affreen.

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