Bloodshed in Syria: Saudis say it’s better to kill then to fast

Bloodshed in Syria: Saudis say it’s better to kill then to fast | Русская весна

Despite of the beginning Ramadan month (on June, 6th) proterroristic rebels in Syria are about to continue bloodshed.

Their objective might be retaking control over the territories liberated from ISIS and Al-Qaeda insurgents by the Syrian National Forces in provinces Aleppo and Deraa.

Also, extremists’ leaders might wish to punish communities and armed groups, which have made deal with the government and stopped fighting.

The next point is not about ISIS or Al-Qaeda and Jebghat an-Nusra but about their business with non-Moslem partners in Europe and their friends in Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

In July, the next NATO summit will take place. If, as the German Federal Special Service Chief has said recently, ISIS, Al-Qaeda or Nusra commit terrorist attacks during the Football EuroCup in France (starting on June, 10th) the NATO may have a good reason to move towards a «more active involvement» in the Middle East. While «fighting terrorism», Western forces and their regional partners will provoke Syria’s disintegration. For that they just have to pull different insurgent groups from the shadow of Nusra Front or other temporary Al-Qaeda’s affiliates like Akhrar al-Sham to legalize them.

Of course, there is an alternative scenario too. Al-Qaeda and ISIS’ business on making profit from occupied territories and «black» transit from the East to the West should have its end under the Russian airstrikes and bilateral Syrian-Kurdish offensive.

Trying to avoid such bad scenario the «Syrian opposition representative» Riyyad Khijab who was elected with the help of Saudis and under support of Akhrar al-Sham has sent a letter to the UN General Secretary suggesting ceasefire in Syria during the Holy Ramadan.

In the same time, at least 38 graduates from the Wahhabi schools in Saudian Nejd region arrived to Syria having been distributed between various radical armed groups from north to south. They brought a special message to the so called «rebels»: killing enemies is more favorable then fasting.

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