Fidel Castro passes away at the age of 90

Fidel Castro passes away at the age of 90 | Русская весна

Leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro died at the age of 90, Cuba’s President Raul Castro told the state television on Saturday.

Fidel Castro "passed away late in the afternoon" on Friday, he said, adding the body would be cremated as Fidel had wished.

His death was announced by his brother Raul, who took the reins after Fidel stepped down.

“According to the will expressed by comrade Fidel, his body will be cremated in the early hours” of Saturday, Raul said.

Castro led the country from 1959 to 2006, when an intestinal condition nearly led to his death. He ceded power to his brother first provisionally, and then formally in 2008. In his last years, he mostly stayed out of the public eye, only occasionally providing commentary on events in Cuba.

His passing marks the end of an era for many. Castro was the last remaining leader from the group of old school communist leaders including Chinese Mao Zedong, Korean Kim Il-sung and Soviets Nikita Khrushchev and Leonid Brezhnev.

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