Yushchenko: 2017, like 1917, will be a fatal year for Ukraine

Yushchenko: 2017, like 1917, will be a fatal year for Ukraine | Русская весна

2017 could be the last year of existence of the state of Ukraine - such an opinion was shared with “Russian Spring” by Alexander Yushchenko, a Russian State Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

“The Ukrainian government’s patrons are now leaving the White House, and this totally destroys the whole picture devised by Biden and other emissaries who defended Ukraine. In connection with this, the struggle for power, or rather the struggle for supremacy within the gang that has set itself up in Kiev, has intensified,” Yushchenko explained.

“Therefore,” he continued, “any statements made by Avakov and Turchynov - the war party - are aimed at enlisting the support of Ukrainian nationalists and other radical elements.”

At the same time, in Yushchenko’s opinion, the Ukrainian government is becoming far more concerned not with the return of Donbass or Crimea, but keeping Ukraine together as a whole.

“There is a very serious possibility that the country could fall apart starting in 2017,” Yushchenko is convinced.

Yushchenko cites two factors which could strike at Ukraine’s integrity: “First of all, no one has cancelled the Minsk Agreements. This document bears the signatures of the heads of such countries as France and Germany, i.e., those who support the Ukrainian regime. However, Ukraine is demonstrating that it spits on everything and everyone including on the EU, by continuing to live with some kind of Petliurism that thrives there.”

“Secondly, the Ukrainian government is constantly opting for provocations, it shells Donbass daily, and is continuing to work in the framework that it set in June 2014 when they started bombing peaceful cities with military aircraft. However, the problem is that the alternative reality in which Kiev lives in is gradually beginning to shrink. In the end, this parallel reality will strangle them,” the deputy remarked.

According to him, 2017 could be fatal for Ukraine, a kind of repetition of the events of 1917.

Yushchenko summarized: “October 1917 put an end to Petliurism and the entire intervention that was then ongoing in Ukraine. Thus, 100 years later, history could repeat itself.”

Translated by J. Arnoldsi, originally published at RusVesna

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