Ukrainian Mayor: "People need to be forced to love Ukraine"

Ukrainian Mayor: "People need to be forced to love Ukraine" | Русская весна

Oleg Livanchuk, the mayor of the city of Krasnogorovka in the Kiev-occupied part of the Donetsk region, has stated that citizens must be “made to love the country by force.”

According to Livanchuk in an interview for, there are very few “pro-Ukrainian people” among the 10,000 residents of Krasnogorovka. “There are some, but in the whole city I maybe know 50 people who are for Ukraine,” the mayor said.

Mayor Livanchuk noted that only a small number of people come out with flags on national holidays, and most of them are simply for show.

“We need to re-educate them for a very long time. Our intelligence agencies aren’t working. Here people need to be made to love Ukraine by force,” Livanchuk asserted.

He also stressed that he will force those speaking Russian or displaying dissatisfied attitudes towards Ukraine to write explanatory apologies.

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