Kurdish breakdowm

Kurdish breakdowm | Русская весна

Couple of days ago the representative of «Kurdistan Communities Union» Riza Altun blamed Russia in «forcing Turkey to attack Kurdish forces at Rojava».

In addition, he told that Turkish air strikes on military objects of Syrian kurds were were allowed by Russian generals.

This flight of fancy ends by interesting statement — mr. Altun said «Russia brought Turkey in and made them enter Jarablus and Bab, and now they say they will do the same for Efrin». Looks like mr. Altun absolutely have no sense about situation in Efrin and don’t know that Russian military forces already protects Efrin kurds, who were abandoned by their US-backed «brothers», from Turkey.

Verbal aggression flow from Rojava kurds to Russia began right after Astana negotiations and creation of de-escalation conflict zones. «Kurdistan working party» voices the opinion that de-escalation zones are «sectarian» and «lead to the dividing of Syria». Yes, ethnic group that fights for their own state at the expense of Syrian territory blames Russia in attempting to divide the country.

But it’s not necessary to ring the alarm and call kurds the enemies of Syrian Arabic Republic. It should be noted that «Syrian democratic forces» (armed militia of Kurdish political party) consists of many factions, differs ethnically and religiously. Even kurds by themselves are divided on subgroups. For example, Efrin kurds didn’t support their eastern «brothers». They decided to cooperate with Damascus, not the Washington. Also, «Syrian democratic forces» is not a monolithic organization.

May 4th pro-turkish gang «Levant Front» met representatives of Kurdish tribes, which lives at Ghouza town. The main topic of this meeting has become possible joining Kurdish tribes to «Syrian free army». Let me remind one thing. «Levant From» is a pro-turkish terrorist group and sponsored by Turkey too.

Looks like the hatred of some representatives of Kurdish people to Turkey can be reduced by money and other goods, which the US cannot offer. Or maybe can offer, but because Washington resources are limited, not every Kurdish groups could get these money.

Moreover, some pro-turkish terrorist’s groups such as «Liwa al-Tahrir» fights as a part of Kurdish forces. This band participated in Kobani assault at 2014. But when it came to the possible clashes with Turkish forces, leader of armored group, Abdul Karim Ubeid together with the most of militia left SDF and finally merged with FSA.

In 2016 part of SDF «Al-Raqqa Hawks Brigade», consisting of the citizens of Raqqa city, declared their loyalty to B. Assad and Baath Party. And after that another band, «Jebhat Thuwar al-Raqqa» (previously was the part of «Jebhat al-Nusra» and only later became an SDF part) almost completely destroyed «hawks», and forced the survivors to join.

It’s only the tip of the iceberg. Need to notice numerous Arabic tribes, living in Syrian desert (Shammar, Bakkara and the others) and fighting alongside with kurds and pro-government sources at the same time.

Cause of such «fragmentation» and regular side changing is a money-bound nature of SDF. This faction exists only owing to the US dollars. «Ethnic minorities» like Assyrians, Arab tribes and others stands at Kurdish alliance in dependent position. Like some Kurdish tribes at Aleppo province, that more and more often looks back at Russia, Turkey, Iran or another players on Syrian board.

And for sure, ethnic groups of «secondary class» thinks that military operation would be successful for SDF, newly-formed Kurdistan may not have a place for them.

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